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The Story Behind The Flow

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We’ve been working with professional speakers for a collective 20+ years, from business development to marketing and even software, so we’ve seen and heard firsthand the need for systems, strategy, and more automation in the industry (and it’s not due to a lack of effort). The problem is that it takes time, and usually a lot of it, to research, implement and optimize the myriad of tools and systems that are available. So, we went ahead and mastered these tools and systems for you. And in doing so, created SpeakerFlow, the first technology, strategy, and automation consulting firm for professional speakers – ever.

What We Stand For

Our Vision

The company that we see is the singular source of holistic evolution for thought leaders and their businesses.

Our Mission

We combine cutting-edge technology with sales, marketing, and operations expertise to create the optimal business experience for speakers.

Our Purpose

To amplify the impact of thought leaders, and act as a catalyst for global evolution.

Our Core Values

ABC (Always Be Candid, both with our team and with our clients)

Strive for balance personally and professionally

Aim for the flow-state

Be Here Now

Make space for both compassion and ferocity

Be cunning, clever, curious, and creative

Lead with grace, humility, and gratitude

Altruism over egotism

Don’t take yourself too seriously, be a ray of Funshine

Meet the Team

Austin Grammon SpeakerFlow Headshot

austin grammon

Co-Founder / Chief Operations Officer

Austin got his start working in the industry while helping a SaaS company launch a CRM for professional speakers. He’s scaled multiple businesses, brought in over $10M in leads and sales for various clients, and is an operations wizard. If he’s not working with clients, you can find him in the Rockies with his wife and three dogs, or with a hoppy IPA and his guitar on his porch swing.

taylorr payne

Co-Founder / Chief Marketing and Technology Officer

Taylorr has been working in the marketing and sales space for his entire career. Seasoned both in the digital realm, as well as on the phones and in the real world, Taylorr brings a huge amount of experience to the table, and his marketing expertise is responsible for the growth of multiple businesses to over $1M in annual revenue. In his free time, you can find him on a lake in Minnesota, with his wife, two dogs, a guitar, and a glass of whiskey on the rocks.

Taylorr Payne SpeakerFlow Headshot
Max Warren SpeakerFlow Headshot

Max warren

Co-Founder / Chief Revenue Officer

Max has worked as a sales and business development specialist for speakers for years, and been in sales for most of his career. Skilled with building sales funnels, communicating internally and externally, and tailoring client strategy to the individual case at hand, Max is the perfect example of what quality sales looks like. Plus, he listens unwaveringly so that he can provide the best experience possible for each client’s unique situation. When he’s not working, you can find him with his nose in a book, spending time with his family, or practicing on the mats with his martial arts instructor.

Chani Grammon

Executive Assistant

Chani first entered the speaking industry in 2018 through her administrative work for Austin. Experienced in sales, customer support, and administrative support, Chani is the jack-of-all-trades for the SpeakerFlow team. Although she’s currently the team’s executive assistant, when she’s not hard at work, you can find Chani training horses, playing with her dogs, or spending time with her family.

Chani Grammon SpeakerFlow Headshot
Cece Payne SpeakerFlow Headshot

Cece Payne

Content & Design Manager

Cece has been writing and drawing – in one way or another – since she was a kid, and brings her years of experience to SpeakerFlow in the form of blogs, website work, and anything related to graphic design. Not one to sit still, when she’s not at her desk, you can find Cece exploring the woods of Minnesota with her two dogs, trying the latest digital drawing software, or enjoying a whiskey old fashioned with Taylorr.

DLynn WArren

Customer Success Manager

Dlynn has worked as an executive assistant for years, both directly with Max and with a variety of businesses in the corporate world. As SpeakerFlow’s customer success manager, Dlynn plays a huge role in keeping the team balanced and making sure everyone – from our team to our clients – is happy, fulfilled, and equipped to tackle each day’s tasks. When she’s not answering your support questions, you can find Dlynn painting, reading, or enjoying the Blue Ridge Mountains with her son and daughter.

Dlynn Warren SpeakerFlow Headshot

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