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We take our reputation very seriously. See what other thought leaders are saying about us and how we’ve helped them make their businesses more efficient, predictable, and profitable.👇

Brad Kolar Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

SpeakerFlow was a tremendous asset to my business. Through their assistance with Zoho automation I have seen process efficiencies between 20-30% for the major workflows involved in managing my clients and speaking/workshop calendar… If I did try to do this on my own, I probably would have eventually given up and lost out on all of the great benefits I now have.

Bard Kolar

Carol Schulte Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

WOW! Not only do these guys really know their stuff, I have never experienced such exceptional customer service from a software company. They truly care about each of their customers. Clearly well-versed with respect to the speaking industry, but also able to think strategically based on your unique business model. Can’t recommend SpeakerFlow highly enough.

Carol Schulte

Shawn Rhodes Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

As a heavy CRM user and small business owner, I brought a lot of expectations to the team at SpeakerFlow, and I was not disappointed… They not only migrated all my data, deals, contacts, and accounts but also re-established my automations, mailing list, and booking service as well. They’re very responsive in answering questions and if they can get something done on their end, they’re willing to!

Shawn Rhodes

Kimberly Bass Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

Taylorr and his team have built an absolutely amazing product! The functionality out the gate was already top-notch, and they are regularly expanding it’s capabilities in order to serve their clients as the industry grows and evolves. They literally have thought of everything. They were with us every step of the way as we implemented this robust system for our business. 

Kimberly Bass

Lauren Ann Schieffer Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

Transitioning to a new platform is stressful, especially if you are transferring EVERYthing (CRM, Campaigns, Booking, Surveys… everything). When you add the complication that I am technically challenged – you have a recipe for heartache, frustration and disaster. That did not happen this time. The team at SpeakerFlow made it simple for me. They really felt like partners.

Lauren Ann Schieffer

Sean Glaze - SpeakerFlow

SpeakerFlow is extraordinary in their quality, thoroughness, and assitance in setting up and guiding their clients to become comfortable with using and benefitting from the many applications that the ZOHO platform offers.
I cannot more highly recommend Speakerflow… If you are looking for a CRM solution to grow and sustain your business, look no further!

Sean Glaze

Barb Stuhlemmer Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

Exceptional support with intelligent & friendly people. I enjoy interacting with Taylorr and his team. I got the applications I absolutely needed. I started with the CRM and have now saved myself time and money by implementing other apps that all work together over Zoho One. Thank you, SpeakerFlow team. You are awesome.

Barb Stuhlemmer

Stephen Shapiro Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

These guys are geniuses! Yes they know technology, but more importantly, they know strategy and process. For a decade, I’ve been trying to get a good system to stay in touch with my clients and finally now I have one. Anyone who is a speaker, trainer, consultant, or thought leader would absolutely benefit from SpeakerFlow.

Stephen Shapiro

Amy Castro Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

I’ve tried MANY CRM and client communication platforms but SpeakerFlow is by far the best and the one I’ll finally stick with… Thanks to SpeakerFlow, I have the right tools to stay on top of leads and opportunities which has resulted in me being on track to make more money this year than I have in any of the past three years

Amy Castro

Josef Martens Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

The SpeakerFlow team are brilliant in the way they implemented the CRM and their support/coaching/advice-giving/hand-holding is exactly what I needed to get going with the new CRM. Thank you for your great work!

Josef Martens

Michael Taylor Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

Signing up for SpeakerFlow was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my business. Working with them has made that transition so much easier because of their knowledge, understanding, and excellent customer service.

Michael Taylor

Mike Goldman Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

Amazing set of tools for speakers, coaches and trainers. I was able to save almost $400/month by unsubscribing to services that Speakerflow already covered. Their help in getting you started is incredible. If you’re a speaker, get this!

Mike Goldman

Anthony Poponi Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

The SpeakerFlow Team gets it. They understand how most CRMs and processes don’t work for the speaking industry and they’ve created the tools, processes, and resources that I needed to move my company forward. And on top of it, the staff are genuinely dedicated to their client’s success.

Anthony Poponi

Dave Bricker Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

I’ll lead with five stars for SpeakerFlow… They offer excellent support and personalized service. Their deep understanding of email and workflow automation is extraordinary and their comfort and familiarity with the speaking business is exceptional… I’ve been treated with nothing but respect.

Dave Bricker

Kim Becking Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

SpeakerFlow has been a game changer for me. As someone who has tried lots of other CRM’s, there is no comparison… It’s easy to use, intuitive, and the most comprehensive CRM for speakers that I have found… The entire team at SpeakerFlow is so responsive and truly wants you to succeed.

Kim Becking

Gordon Stein Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

The software is stellar and the help from SpeakerFlow staff has been outstanding! I am now running my whole speaking business on SpeakerFlow. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Gordon Stein

Robert Campbell Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

Superb organization which helped me pump some needed life into my business… All things I wished for have come, a business operating system and more monthly revenue!

Robert Campbell

Pam Leinmiller Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

The SpeakerFlow team puts your goals at the forefront and their agenda in the back seat. They work alongside you, have the best customer service… I’m a very happy customer!

Pam Leinmiller

Marc Haine Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

The folks at SpeakerFlow not only care about their customers, they care about what it takes for them to succeed. Personally, they have helped me overcome my angst with a CRM. They’ve provided me the tools I need, and took the time to hold my hand through the processes. “Support” with SpeakerFlow is not just a word on their mission statement hanging on their wall… it is a value that they live with every call. SpeakerFlow rocks!

Marc Haine

Irvine Nugent Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

Every now and again you encounter a company that totally surprises you by going above and beyond and offering you so much more that you expect. SpeakerFlow is one of those companies. I signed up initially for their CRM thinking I was getting a tool that was developed with speakers in mind. What I got was a tool that has transformed the way I do business. Now, I have in place a prospecting system that make sense and is getting replies and bookings.

Irvine Nugent

Merit Kahn Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

SpeakerFlow is hands down the best business investment I have made in two decades of entrepreneurship… I thought I was just buying a CRM built with a speaking business in mind… I got SO much more than that. When I have a question about something in my CRM, I’m not stuck trying to work it out with some chat bot on a massive CRM company site… SpeakerFlow holds my hand (virtually), fixes my problem and send me on my merry way.

Merit Kahn

Annette Brechbill Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

Working with the crew at SpeakerFlow has made a significant positive impact on my business… Each day is more focused on client outreach and income generation. If you’re looking to free up more time to work on your business than in your business, working with SpeakerFlow is an essential investment.

Annette Brechbill

Rick Lozano Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

SpeakerFlow was the wisest investment, hands down, I have made in the last year. Working with them has helped me put in place the structures and foundations my business desperately needed, from operations, to a great CRM system, to marketing, sales, and beyond. Highly recommend. Great people, great results.

Rick Lozano

Karen Jacobson Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

My 2020 goal was to bring more structure & organization to my speaking business. The best step I took was investing in a new CRM. SpeakerFlow is more than just a system. It is a fantastic, innovative company with a great team of professionals who are knowledgeable, creative, and provide “WOW” service.

Karen Jacobson

Shelli Hendricks Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

SpeakerFlow is the CRM I’ve been looking for!! This tool has helped me to completely organize business development processes for my coaching and speaking business. The team is incredibly supportive and responsive, ramping me up in no time.

Shelli Hendricks

Roger Rickard Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

Working with the team at SpeakerFlow was seamless and painless. Everything they promised they delivered on and then some. I highly recommend SpeakerFlow if you want to grow your business and better serve your clients. Great job, SpeakerFlow.

Roger Rickard

Glen Guyton Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

SpeakerFlow is what I needed to take my business to the next level. I can’t tell you how much SpeakerFlow has helped me stay organized and connected with my clients. I love this CRM. It is great and pretty simple to use. The integrations have been so helpful. 

Glen Guyton

Stephen Tweed Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

We are very excited about making the transition to SpeakerFlow from our previous CRM and digital marketing platform. The functionality of SpeakerFlow is exactly what we need, and much simpler and less expensive that our previous program.

Stephen Tweed

Bill Guertin Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

Taylorr and the SpeakerFlow crew are incredibly intuitive. It’s rare in the tech world to have a resource that not only listens to what you’re looking for, but can deliver just what you need and eliminate the tech-speak. Just solutions, baby; that’s what they deliver.

Bill Guertin

Jason Lauritsen Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

I’ve hired many people and organizations over the years to help me grow my business with mixed results. SpeakerFlow was different. They really got to know me and my goals… I’d highly recommend them to any speaker looking for smart advice and tools to grow.

Jason Lauritsen

Robert Kennedy III Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

SpeakerFlow is AMAZING! They helped me get my CRM up and running (which is amazing by itself). But, then they also checked back in and did some consulting about not just the technical end but the processes my speaker business uses. I’ve loved working with the team at SpeakerFlow. I can already see the difference in my organization, my automation, and my business contacts. Looking forward to continued growth.

Robert Kennedy III

Andrew Busch Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

SpeakerFlow has deep knowledge of the industry to enable clients to move from a “hobby” to a self-sustaining business. They helped my team dramatically increase sales and achieve success even during the COVID-19 outbreak. From utilizing CRM to effectively implementing sales strategies or to better understand how to sell, SpeakerFlow team guides you through the process and is available to respond quickly to any inquiries. 

Andrew Busch

Summer Owens Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

Working with the SpeakerFlow team really helped me rethink my how I run and promote my business. They are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and patient as they expose you to technology and tools that you may be unfamiliar with but will make your business more efficient and more profitable… I know will be a game changers as I implement all the suggestions I was provided for managing and promoting my business.

Summer Owens

Jeannie Walters Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

The team at SpeakerFlow are an amazing resource for me and my business! They have helped me improve my operations, understand the market better, and are incredibly knowledgeable about the speaking industry and the tools and resources available. They are supportive and SO easy to work with, too! As a speaker and a business owner, I know they are my go-to team for understanding how to run the best speaking business I can.

Jeannie Walters

Roger Wolkoff Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

SpeakerFlow had me at “hello.” I love the attention and knowledge they bring to the table. They get speakers and this business. They add value to my business at every encounter I have with them… I learned more about workflow automation and how to accomplish my biz goals in 30 minutes than I did in the combined four years with my other vendors. Why? One-on-one listening, attention, and taking the time to teach me how to do it.

Roger Wolkoff

Penny Tremblay Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

The Speaker Flow team helped us migrate from a cumbersome and costly CRM to their platform. So worth it! We wouldn’t have done it without their guidance. They all went above and beyond to ensure we were set up, trained and launched. Highly recommended for speakers who want an effective client relationship management software that will provide increased sales and profit… I’m looking forward to a long prosperous relationship.

Penny Tremblay

Barry Moniak Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

Working with SpeakerFlow is a breath of fresh air for me. They understand today’s speaking and consulting industries, as well as the various technologies needed to make our endeavors successful. The best part is that they’re genuine people who authentically care about my success and well-being… It’s nice to have a group of knowledgeable experts as an essential part of my team.

Barry Moniak

Mimi Brown Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

Blown away! That’s how I would describe my experience with SpeakerFlow. They knows the speaking industry and have taken that knowledge to create a robust CRM system that will knock your socks off! Not only is the interface user-friendly but they thought of everything… They spared no expense and were very thoughtful about what speakers need to be successful.

Mimi Brown

Erin O'Malley Gradient Bubble Review Headshot - SpeakerFlow

SpeakerFlow has saved me countless hours–and that was in the first few weeks of working with them! SpeakerFlow is the perfect partnership to help take care of your operational, marketing, and sales systems. Not only do they know their stuff, they are an absolute joy to work with. Guides that really care about your business and you. Find out for yourself, and enjoy the time they will free up!

Erin O’Malley

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