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The best part of working with Speaker Flow is the fact that they become part of your team! I agree with some of the other recommendations but it is no small benefit to gain a team member that has all of the knowledge, experience and talent with regards to automation for sales, marketing and strategy that Speaker Flow has. Glad they are a member of The Power of Fun team!
David Raymond
Keynote Speaker
Linda Swindling Review Thumbnail
Linda Swindling
Keynote Speaker
Working with SpeakerFlow is a breath of fresh air for me. They understand today's speaking and consulting industries, as well as the various technologies needed to make our endeavors successful.

The best part is that they're genuine people who authentically care about my success and well-being. Emails and calls are returned promptly and always with an enthusiastic attitude, ready and willing to help me solve whatever issue I may have.
Barry Moniak Review Headshot for SpeakerFlow
Barry Moniak
Keynote Speaker
Taylorr, Austin, and the whole team at SpeakerFlow go above and beyond for their clients; I can't recommend them highly enough - SIX STARS!!

Recently, they provided me tremendous value at a time when my business was at its most vulnerable. Just having the conversation with them gave me an "energy boost" - saying nothing of the million dollar tips they gave me which I've already started to implement. Thank You!
Greg Offner Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Greg Offner
Keynote Speaker
Love SpeakerFlow. The CRM is what I use. It has helped me organize my business backend. It has helped me get speaking engagements because I can set up reminders to complete RFP's. Be prepared to invest your time into making it work...it's worth it.
Jo Burns
Keynote Speaker
Irvine Nugent Reviews SpeakerFlow Thumbnail
Irvine Nugent Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Irvine Nugent, Ph.D
Keynote Speaker
How do you succeed in business? YOU CARE. The folks at SpeakerFlow not only care about their customers, they care about what it takes for them to succeed. Personally, they have helped me overcome my angst with a CRM. They've provided me the tools I need, and took the time to hold my hand through the processes. SpeakerFlow rocks!​
Marc Haine Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Marc Haine
Keynote Speaker
Highly, highly recommend. I've just got started with SpeakerFlow and I'm already thrilled to be working with them. If you are a Speaker and want to take your business to the next level, then you've GOT TO have a chat with these guys.
Dr. T Review Headshot for SpeakerFlow
Tharaka Gunarathne
Keynote Speaker
Andrew Busch Review Thumbnail
Andrew Busch
Keynote Speaker
WOW! These guys really know their stuff. Clearly well-versed with respect to the speaking industry, but also able to think strategically based on your unique business model. I got so many great ideas for growth in even our first consulting session... and ideas I was able (and excited!) to take action on right away! Thank you, SpeakerFlow!
Carol Schulte
Keynote Speaker
Roger Wolkoff Reviews SpeakerFlow
Roger Wolkoff Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Roger Wolkoff
Keynote Speaker
Blown away! That’s how I would describe my experience with SpeakerFlow. The team at SpeakerFlow know the speaking industry well and have taken that knowledge to create a robust CRM system that will knock your socks off!

Not only is the interface user friendly but they though of EVERYTHING a speaker needs to be successful. They spared no expense and were very thoughtful about what speakers need to be successful.
Mimi Brown Headshot - SpeakerFlow CRM Review
Mimi Brown
Keynote Speaker
Dawnna St. Louis Review Thumbnail
Dawnna St. Louis
Keynote Speaker
When you're ready to do business like a PRO - call SpeakerFlow! (I'm a poet and didn't realize!). Seriously, this team is AH-MAZING!

...I'm happy to pay good money for good work and these folks did WAY MORE THAN GOOD - they were brilliant.
Julie Holmes Review Image for SpeakerFlow
Julie Holmes
Keynote Speaker
Merit Kahn Reviews SpeakerFlow Thumbnail
Merit Kahn Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Merit Kahn
Working with SpeakerFlow has saved me countless hours--and that was in the first few weeks of working with them! If you are overwhelmed with trying to figure out SEO, email lists, marketing funnels--heck--how to organize your computer/cloud/files--SpeakerFlow is your answer.

Not only do they know their stuff, they are an absolute joy to work with. Guides that really care about your business and you. Check 'em out. Have a discovery call with them. Find out for yourself...and enjoy the time they will free up!
Erin O'Malley Headshot
Erin O'Malley
Keynote Speaker
The SpeakerFlow CRM has been extremely robust and easy to use. There are so many CRM options in the marketplace and SpeakerFlow's breadth/depth, very easy on-boarding, excellent and simple help tools and laser fast support have really set them apart. Taylorr and the team at SpeakerFlow have done everything possible to make our transition to their great platform smooth, stress-free and joyful! Thanks so much, Taylorr and the SpeakerFlow team!
Shelly Power Review Headshot for SpeakerFlow
Shelly Power
Assistant at Kavi Consulting
Joe Curcillo Review Thumbnail
Joe Curcillo
Keynote Speaker
I originally signed up for Speakerflow's CRM and was stunned by how knowledgeable and helpful the Speakerflow team was... This team puts the same work and passion into helping me operate a profitable business as I put into helping my clients succeed! I highly recommend joining SpeakerFlow - the experience will transform your business!
David Shar Headshot - SpeakerFlow
David Shar
Keynote Speaker
Dave Rosenberg Review Thumbnail
Dave Rosenberg
Keynote Speaker
Wow! Wow! And WOW! SpeakerFlow is a dream come true for anyone running a professional speaking business. When I received my personalized ARIES Optimization System for the back end of my business-all I could think was, "where would I be today if I had had this plan 5 years ago"....and "sheesh, these guys are genuinely super nice." SpeakerFlow will save you SO MUCH time!! No more second guessing, going off on tech rabbit holes, or waking up wondering what to do because so much needs to be done. Now I've got a flow.
Stacy Pederson Headshot for SpeakerFlow
Stacy Pederson
Keynote Speaker
Summer Owens Review Thumbnail
Summer Owens
Keynote Speaker
Can't say enough great things about SpeakerFlow! Their entire team are top in their fields and have helped transform my business in a very short amount of time. They always care about going the extra mile for their clients. HIGHLY recommend!
Jacob Green Review Headshot for SpeakerFlow
Jacob Green
Keynote Speaker
The Speaker Flow team helped us migrate from a complicated and costly CRM to a very unique one custom designed for our speaking / training business. We will now save money, be better organized and for the first time, have an overview of opportunities and cash flow, which has already increased sales. This is such a great resource for speakers.
Penny Tremblay
Keynote Speaker
Man these guys are amazing where do I start? They gave me tangible advice that I could apply immediately and they gave me a system that will bring predictable results and revenue in my business. I’m excited to do the work under speakerflows advice and coaching. Thanks guys your a breathe of fresh air.
Roy Redd Review Headshot for SpeakerFlow
Roy Redd
Keynote Speaker
Beverly Beuermann-King SpeakerFlow CRM Review Thumbnail
Beverly Beuermann-King Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Beverly Beuermann-King
Keynote Speaker, CAPS Board
SpeakerFlow is the CRM I’ve been looking for!! This tool has helped me to completely organize business development processes for my coaching and speaking business. The team is incredibly supportive and responsive, ramping me up in no time. If you are a professional speaker or coach, get this tool!
Shelli Hendricks Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Shelli Hendricks
Keynote Speaker
The Speakerflow team is AMAZING! They have completely changed the way we run our business. From operations to website design to sales, these guys know what to do to make a speaking business successful. The guys were always ready to answer all of my silly questions and keep me on track to reach my goals. My 2020 is off to a prosperous start and it's all because of the tools and assistance that Speakerflow gave me in 2019. If you're considering working with this amazing team, don't wait. JUST DO IT! You won't regret it!
Javan Hamilton
Co-Founder of WatchHerWork
Rick Lozano Review Thumbnail
Rick Lozano Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Rick Lozano
WOW! SpeakerFlow has been a game changer for me. As someone who has tried lots of other CRM's, there is no comparison. SpeakerFlow is by far the best out there specifically designed for SPEAKERS!
Kim Becking
Keynote Speaker

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