SpeakerFlow CRM

The Only CRM for Professional Speakers
Built by Professional Speakers (seriously).

Sound Familiar?

  • I know I need a CRM to help me keep track of leads, manage my clients, and plan my bookings.
  • I’m a speaker, not a techie! I don’t have the time, knowledge, or interest to figure out which of the 100s of CRM systems I should use.
  • I’m worried about having another tool when I already have so many. I wish I could get all the systems I need to run my speaking business in one place.
  • I’m tired of spending a fortune on a solution that doesn’t actually help me track and close more gigs.
  • I need something that’s built for my speaking business, that’s easy to use, and won’t break the bank!
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Built on Zoho One, SpeakerFlow CRM is the most feature-rich CRM for Professional Speakers on the market.

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Take Control of Your Sales Process

The Answer is SpeakerFlow CRM

SpeakerFlow CRM is a purpose-built, speaker-specific series of templates and modules based on the massively popular Zoho One platform.Β With 1000s of customers, Zoho One is a reliable and robust business suite. Through their “all-in” monthly pricing, you get access to over 40 different applications that support and enable businesses like yours – especially Zoho CRM.Β 

As you’ve no doubt experienced, no matter how good an off-the-shelf CRM system is, the needs of PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS are unique and demanding. Tracking possible speaking events, managing bureaus, and capturing testimonials and audiences are just a few of the challenges we face.

So, using Zoho One as the foundation, we partnered with professional speakers and spent hundreds of hours researching options, building and testing templates, and generating modules and reports to create THE PERFECT CRM FOR PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS. It has everything you need to monitor, manage, and grow your business without any generic fields getting in the way. And, because it’s been designed by professional speakers, it all makes sense and flows perfectly for your business.

Combine SpeakerFlow CRM with your Zoho One subscription ($35/month/user), and you’ll be capturing leads, working opportunities, and growing your business in less than an hour! And, to make sure you’re successful, we’ll even provide on-boarding calls to get you setup painlessly.

SpeakerFlow CRM is Different

Laser Focused Lead Management

Capture and track all the details for events where you hope to speak, rate your leads, and focus on the best ones.

Clean and Simple Lead Capture

Using a single form, you can capture information about the organization, contacts, and event. Give yourself follow up tasks, and never miss a follow up again!

Sensational Speakers

We work with a lot of great speakers, and now you can keep track of them without cluttering up your client list.

For Relationships and Leads

If a client loves them, they'll probably love you, too! Keep track of where you've shared the stage and who they've introduced you to.

Video and Image Catalog

Looking for that one picture - you know the one where you look amazing? It'll be linked in here!

Easy to Find

In this module, you can track all the photos, videos, recordings, podcasts, and more for quick access, so you can share them with your perfect prospect.

Clearly Effective Client Relationships

Whether you work with corporates, associations, schools, or individuals, get the info together, and never miss a follow up!

All in One Place

Using Organizations and Contacts, all the details are in one place including email exchanges, tasks, opportunities, testimonials, and more.

Awesome Audiences

They LOVE you, and they want to stay in touch. But they aren't really prospects or clients, so we can keep them here!

A Safe Place

Don't throw away all that audience info! Here, you can track the event they attended and any testimonials they shared.

More Marketing Apps

Included with your Speakerflow CRM & Zoho One solution are powerful tools to help get your name out there.

Share Your Message

Social media management, email marketing, live chat on your website – it's all here, and its included in the price!

From Opportunity to Delivery

You can finally see where all your deals are in the process, what you've pitched to them, and when you should be expecting that signed contract.

Your Program is SOLD

Move your opportunity from discussions to closed deals while keeping track of what program you'll be delivering and all the related details.

Testimonial Tracking

Finally, a single place to capture all those great testimonials, so you can share them with the world.

Powerful Testimonials Sell

Getting testimonials is nice, but using them effectively is what will help you to sell. Track where they've come from and where they are being used.

Backend Business Tools

Running a business is hard, but business tools and apps can make it easier AND help you look like you're worth every penny.

It's All Connected

Admit it - You don't love Dropbox. Good thing this includes 5 TB of storage in Workdrive, a digital signature app for contracts and more!

Here's the Deal


After spending hundreds of hours (and banging our heads on the keyboard dozens of times), we are excited to deliver the perfect CRM system for professional speakers. Not only is the CRM top quality and perfect tailored for to our unique business and lifestyle, but you actually get WAY MORE THAN JUST A CRM. You’ll have a system to get organized and stay that way so that you can focus on SPEAKING instead of juggling spreadsheets and half-baked systems.

And, as a Zoho One subscriber you’ll also have access to the most critical systems speakers need to run their business effectively. YOU’RE WELCOME!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Christina Rowe
Christina Rowe
The Collaborative Team
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This CRM format has made it easy for me to do something I've been meaning to do for YEARS! Setting up a CRM totally intimidated me, I don't think in systems easily, so I kept putting it off. When I saw this format it was so easy and made so much sense that for the first time I was EXCITED to leverage a CRM. I've been amazed at how easy it was, how much it assisted my business model, and that I actually found it fun to see potential clients move along the pipeline to signed clients! One extra perk is that I've found it helps me be aware of what my pipeline for potential business looks like better, and it helps me gage when I need to be out there starting new conversations!
Meridith Elliott Powell
Meridith Elliott Powell
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SpeakerFlow's knowledge of ZOHO ONE is incredible. Without the SpeakerFlow CRM I would not have known where to start, or the depth of capability that this platform offers. They've made it so easy, as all the heavy lifting is already done by developing all the templates. If you need a CRM, and you need someone to help you get return on investment, work with SpeakerFlow CRM!
Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly
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I wanted one single system that included a CRM, email outreach, campaigns, storage, reminders, and is capable of surveys.Β  This is it!
Erin O'Malley
Erin O'Malley
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I am day one digging into this CRM and my real-time reaction is WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE?!!?! It is amazing. So user-friendly. So exactly what I need. So AWESOME. Congratulations to all of you--this is the real deal.
Deborah Gardner
Deborah Gardner
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Excellent CRM! Excellent on-boarding! Excellent service!
Mimi Brown
Mimi Brown
NSA MI Chapter President
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Blown away! That’s how I would describe my experience with SpeakerFlow. The team at SpeakerFlow knows the speaking industry and have taken that knowledge to create a robust CRM system that will knock your socks off!

Not only is the interface user friendly but they though of EVERYTHING a speaker needs to be successful. They spared no expense and were very thoughtful about what speakers need to be successful.

I highly recommend to work with the SpeakerFlow team. You’ll be happy that you did. Your business will thank you.


  • Total Value $5,197
  • You Save $4,400

Important Terms

This is a ONE-TIME COST for all the SpeakerFlow CRM customizations and does not include your ongoing Zoho One subscription ($35/user/month).

We offer 3 different tiers of pricing starting at $597 with varying levels of support along with the CRM template.

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If You're Looking for a CRM for Speakers, SpeakerFlow CRM is a Game-Changer

No more spending countless hours researching CRMs, leaving your current CRM as a stranded asset, and wasting money on a product you don’t use. GUARANTEED!

Are you ready to build your business?


Know a lot about CRM migrations and setup or willing to die trying to figure it out? This is the package for you.

+$35/month/user for Zoho One

Steam Rollin'

Get complete setup and up to 2 hours with the SpeakerFlow crew, so we can import your current database and set everything up for you.

+$35/month/user for Zoho One

Flow Zone

This package is for the folks who aren’t messing around. Time is money, skip the learning curve, and get your systems under one roof.

+$35/month/user for Zoho One

Interested In A Custom Solution?

Look, we get it. Not all businesses are alike, and not everyone fits into one of the boxes above. If you’re interested in a more tailored approach to setting up your CRM and sales process, schedule a discovery session with us!

Schedule a Demo With Us πŸ‘‡

Questions You Might Be Asking

No, it does not. A Zoho One subscription is $35/month/user and can be purchased either during our onboarding session or ahead of time.

We’ll be releasing a yearly subscription to receive updated modules and templates as we grow this platform. If you’re one of the first 50 users, you’ll receive this service at a discount. We’ll notify each of our users once that subscription launches.

Zoho One is the most exhaustive and feature-rich programs we’ve discovered. By building on Zoho One, we’re able to pass savings on to our users rather than creating a ground-up solution. On top of that, Zoho One comes with 45 other apps free of charge with their $35/month subscription. It’s simply the best “bang for the buck” and we’re all about providing value.

If you choose the Steamrollin’ plan or higher, yes! We want to make sure you’re well equipped to take this and run with it.

It’s worth noting that sometimes with migration, some things can’t be migrated. If this happens, we’ll help you come up with a solution to get important data over to Zoho.

Yes! We can integrate and even automate nearly anything with connections to Zapier if the integration isn’t native by default.

Yup! If you’re a user of the SpeakerFlow Intel Engine we can show you how to add a custom module, so you can load the Intel Engine right within Zoho!

We never want you to be unhappy. But if you’re unhappy with Zoho, you can cancel your subscription at any point. We don’t manage the subscription and are only providing the CRM template. You’re more than welcome to take that template and build it into another CRM if it has the flexibilty.

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