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We save you time, stress, and money

It’s as simple as that. It takes hundreds, if not thousands of hours, a lot of patience, and a true love for the technology world to endure the trial and error, research, customization and optimization that it takes to create the perfect technology stack. We take the time and stress out of finding and setting up the perfect tools and automation for your speaking business. 

So, are you chasing gigs like a garage band, or running a professional speaking business? Let us help you do it easier and more effectively. We aren’t speakers coaching other speakers on how to better run their businesses. We’re businesspeople that help speakers run professional speaking businesses.

We've been around the block

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How we do it


CRM, Email Marketing, Project Management, File Storage, Social Media…The list goes on and on. We save you the research, trial and error, and endless hours spent optimizing these tools. We pair that with our understanding of how you can  automate these tools to make your daily workload as simple (and light) as possible.


We help using our combined 30+ years of tested strategy and systems, and our experience running, scaling and maintaining businesses and teams of every size to help you achieve your goals as a speaker.

Nothing is guaranteed without the proper systems in place and strategy to back it.

Efficiency expertise

We’ve identified upwards of thirty different moving parts in an average speaker’s business. We make sure that they’re as efficient and effective as possible, with no time wasted. Using our proprietary SpeakerFlow Tech Template, we can make sure that your current systems are running smoothly, and any present gaps are filled.

The Three Pillars of success

Some of the Systems We Optimize for Professional Speakers


Project Management

Client Communication

Team Collaboration

Billing & Invoicing


+8 More


Funnel Mapping

Analytics & Reporting

Content Marketing

Social Media

Email Marketing

+6 More



Lead Generation


Metrics & KPIs

Inside Sales Rep Management

+5 More

Questions You're Probably Asking

We do not generate revenue for speakers directly. Although, as part of our sales pillar, we discuss methodology to hiring an inside sales rep and technology to manage the process, as well as help develop a strategy for selling your services.

Our consultancy lasts 6 months. We’ve tried everything from 6 weeks to 12 months and found that 6 months is the optimal amount of time to see transformation in a speaker’s business.

We are partial to services and softwares specifically built for speakers. Otherwise, no we’re not. We believe providing TRUE value to our clients starts with being completely agnostic to all tools so we can be adaptive for each of our clients and create a true 1:1 process.

Yes, we understand ongoing support is needed especially as new tools come out and evolve. We offer access to a community with access to the SpeakerFlow team for ongoing support via Slack for a monthly/yearly fee and we also offer customized retainer packages for ongoing 1:1 support.

Yes, CRM is one of 30+ modules that we cover and one we focus on heavily. We also have a custom CRM for speakers built on Zoho One. You can check it out here.

We’ll be looking at what your current processes are and helping to spot weaknesses and gaps as we move through the consultancy. Our method is 100% tailored to your process and we’ll only implement a brand new approach if you don’t have an approach yet, or if your goal is to completely dismantle your existing process.

Case Studies

Erin O'Malley Connects Logo for SpeakerFlow Professional Speaking Technology Consultants

“You guys are like verbal masseuses. Every time I talk to you the tension in my shoulders releases, like, 75%.”


for SpeakerFlow Professional Speaking Technology Consultants

“SpeakerFlow takes away all of concern about how I’m positioned as a speaker and what I have to offer. I can’t recommend them more highly.”

“Man, you guys are fun!”

Ann Cecil-Sterman Logo for SpeakerFlow Professional Speaking Technology Consultants

“The automation processes SpeakerFlow has created will save us likely 200+ hours a year in manual administration costs, as well as saving us the exorbitant costs of associated with using pre-made automation software, that also wouldn’t be custom fitted to our company’s needs. ​”


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