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Austin Grammon

Co-Founder & President

I’m an entrepreneur and a free spirit at heart. I love finding solutions to complex problems, and helping folks accomplish their goals. 

At SpeakerFlow, I’m President and Co-Founder. In my role, I help assist our CEO and my other co-founder (Taylorr) in leading our sales and marketing efforts, handle all of the detail-oriented back-office stuff that no one else likes to do (I’m a geek that way), and am one of SpeakerFlow University’s professors.

About Austin

Well if we want to go back to the beginning, my first job was refereeing junior league basketball games (sucked – you can never make anyone happy), but I’ve also had brief stints working in a deli making sandwiches, building tiny homes, managing an antique furniture shop, and detailing cars. I’ve always been industrious!

I got my start in the professional world as a salesperson, alongside Taylorr. We rose through the ranks and ended up training sales teams and managers across the nation together, as well as opening up new locations for our company and developing infrastructure to scale them. I learned an awful lot about the art of selling, training, and developing talent. I also learned that I really like growing businesses, and that’s stuck with me since that experience.

Upon parting ways at that organization, I took on the role of Vice President of Sales at a SaaS company. This was my first real experience working 100% virtually and it taught me a lot about developing relationships through a screen. While I was there, the organization decided to launch a speaker-specific version of their product, and that’s how I ended up being introduced to this industry.

Once I left my mark there, I was invited by Taylorr to help him start up a digital marketing agency. Due to his experience marketing for speakers previously, and my understanding of the market through the software lens, we decided to start up our marketing firm TrafficCrafters. We focused on speakers and were making progress, but we also had a realization. That realization was that we could send as many leads as we wanted to speakers (it’s a very structured process), but without the proper systems, strategy, and resources to manage and close those leads, we weren’t really helping! Based on my experience selling software to speakers, I also noticed that the tools that were out there (like CRM, email marketing tools, etc) weren’t being utilized properly to actually get speakers results as well as ROI for the expense of said tools. This was really the nesting ground for what became SpeakerFlow.

And so, SpeakerFlow was born. And we’ve been getting after it ever since!

Outside of SpeakerFlow

I’m someone that likes to work with my hands, so I spend a decent amount of free time working on updates around the house and doing woodworking projects in my shop. 

I also love being outdoors, and since I live in the Rocky Mountains, I try to take advantage of the beautiful nature I’m surrounded by as much as possible. Whether that’s simple walks outside, hiking trails and climbing mountains, fishing, hunting, or taking pictures, I try to get out and away as often as possible. 

I also have a miniature farm at home, as my wonderful wife Chani and I have two dogs and a cat that we love and care for. They keep us quite busy! We also had our first child – Delilah – in July 2020 and are expecting our second in December 2023. Woohoo!

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Favorite Book

In the non-fiction category, I love The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani and Ram Dass’s Be Here Now, which will never cease to inspire and entertain. In the fiction category, I love Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky – It does a chillingly good job at capturing a tormented mind.

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Favorite Place

The Southern Caribbean is where my wife and I got married, so it will always have a nostalgia connected to it, but I also have a love for Barcelona. Overall, however, I think my favorite place is Yellowstone. It captures the wild side of the US that I adore.

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Favorite Music

I’m very eclectic in my taste for music, and it largely depends on the mood I’m in. Lately, I’ve been listening to Aaron Lewis on repeat, but I also like classic and prog rock, some occasional hip hop (holla at Post Malone), and even classical when I’m trying to focus.

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