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Taylorr Payne

Taylorr Payne

Co-Founder & Marketing Expert. Follow us on social media to stay in the flow!
Taylorr Payne

Taylorr Payne

Co-Founder & Marketing Expert. Follow us on social media to stay in the flow!
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Since SpeakerFlow launched in spring 2019, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with a number of talented speaker agencies and companies. Until now, one stood out above the rest – the National Speakers Association – due to its size and reputation. However, this month, we are proud to announce our next partner in the speaking industry, 500Speakers

A Brief History of 500Speakers

From the day 500Speakers was founded by Steve Arzoni, they’ve been focused on one critical goal in the speaking industry: diversification. Embodied by a group of (surprise, surprise) five hundred speakers, their collective mission to bring diversity to speaking can be seen in each of their members. These include seasoned speakers and experts in their respective fields Alyssa Dver of the American Confidence Institute, JoAnn Corley Schwarzkopf of JCS Business Advisors, and Dr. Tharaka Gunarathne from the field of psychiatry. Because 500speakers limits their member count to five hundred, they consistently seek to maintain the most engaged and dedicated of the industry. 

Additionally, in an effort to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the decision-makers, 500Speakers’ business model is designed to facilitate digital bookings. In their words, “our no-fuss, high-quality digital platform allows potential clients to instantly see and hear exactly what the experts have to offer and connect in one easy click. Delivering a friendly, modern and personal touch, while preventing unnecessary wasted time and effort on both sides.” For decision-makers, this means an efficient and straightforward method of booking speakers. Likewise, for speakers, this means less time wasted in meetings that aren’t going to get you booked. Win win! 

Joining 500Speakers

If you’re a speaker reading this, you’re in luck! As of right now, the 500Speakers team is still accepting applications for new members. But before applying to join them, below are a few odds and ends you should know: 

1. They do not take a commission from in-person meetings. 

I mentioned above that 500Speakers doesn’t work to get their members booked through in-person meetings – it’s all done digitally. Because of this, they also don’t take any commission from gigs that are finalized in person. You read that right. All in-person meetings that get you booked are commission-free as far as 500Speakers is concerned, even if that decision-maker found you on the 500Speaker site. That said, the flip side is a little closer to reality. On all digital meetings that get you booked, they take 20% commission. After all, more and more decision-makers are opting for virtual meetings to save time. Plus, as a speaker, virtual meetings allow you to easily book more than one gig in a day. 20% commission isn’t a bad price to pay for that. 

2. 500Speakers’ memberships cost way less than that of many other speaking bureaus.

All in all, besides the commission factor, it’s incredibly inexpensive to be a member of 500Speakers. On top of a reasonable commission percentage, it also costs only a single, yearly fee of $650 to be a part of their team. In this way, you’re not paying a crazy price for more exposure, as a speaker, and everyone, from 500Speaker administrators to decision-makers alike, isn’t wasting their time, energy, or money. 

3. They support you on social media indefinitely. 

This is another major perk. Besides the financial benefit to being a 500Speakers member, their back-end team also returns the favor. Throughout your membership, not only do you get the added exposure of a technology-driven, streamlined platform for decision-makers. You also are promoted on social media and your social media channels linked to the 500Speakers website. That way decision-makers can see not only what you speak about but who you are as a person, making them even more likely to say, “Hey, I want to know more about them. We should meet for a virtual coffee.” 

4. You get extra benefits from joining, thanks to our brand new partnership!

Last but not least, being a member of 500Speakers gets you a ton of perks from the SpeakerFlow team! From tech know-how to speaking business basics, we have you covered. 👍 Let’s break down the different advantages below. 

Benefits of Our Partnership

There are many reasons that we chose to partner with 500Speakers, besides the fact that Steve is a cool guy. One of the biggest reasons was simply that we believe deeply in their goals. In their words, “We [at 500Speakers] recognize the demands of the modern market and the new generation of fast-moving, demanding organizations, event/meeting professionals and clients who prefer to use digital solutions to make their jobs easier.” If you don’t know us at SpeakerFlow, we’re all about that, too! 

Partnership Graphic for SpeakerFlow Partners With 500Speakers Blog - SpeakerFlow

So if you’re a 500Speakers member and are looking to bring some more technology (and more money) into your speaking business, here’s what we can do for you. 👇

First and foremost, all 500Speakers members get a free, two-hour audit of their existing processes. These may include a customer relationship management tool, a project manager, or a sales funnel for booking gigs. Regardless of your tools or methods, we have the experience and knowledge to pick out what could be slowing you down. From there, we can tell you exactly how to get your speaking engine running smoother than it ever has before. 

That brings me to the second thing we do for 500Speakers members: we outline a comprehensive action plan. We’ve all worked with people that have plenty of advice but steps to turn it into reality. Our team is all about getting stuff done, so even if you don’t want to jump into our full consultancy, we want to be sure you can take our knowledge and use it to your advantage, completely free of charge. 

You also believe that, because you’re already a member of such an awesome team at 500Speakers, you deserve 30 days of free access to our Slack community. This chat channel allows you to not only share your ideas and experiences and ideas. You also have the chance to learn from the other speakers in the group and hit us with your questions, so we can get you answers quickly. After all, the speaking industry is all about connections. Shouldn’t that mean, once a while, we pay it forward? We definitely think so. 

Claiming Your Benefits at SpeakerFlow

Finally, if two hours isn’t enough, there are some added bonuses for our consultancy clients. On top of the aforementioned freebies, consultancy clients also get our SpeakerFlow retainer for up to 3 months free or a digital recording setup. These can include an iPad, Tripod, Ring Light, and HeyMic!

At the end of the day, the opportunity’s here if you’re looking for a more streamlined speaking business. And, if now isn’t the right time, no worries! We’re here good, so just drop us a line when you’re ready to hit the ground running. 🙂

For more information about our partnership with 500Speakers and the various services offered here at SpeakerFlow, check out our partnership page or schedule your free, two-hour audit with us today. 

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