Reprinting SpeakerFlow Articles

Permission to reprint articles by SpeakerFlow is hereby given to all print, broadcast, and electronic media, provided that the following information is provided at the end of each article:

1. A Short Biography of SpeakerFlow

SpeakerFlow is the first business app ecosystem tailored to the thought leadership industry. With more than 40 applications for sales, marketing, and operations and with the help of their team, the SpeakerFlow suite allows you to create your optimal business experience. As a thought leader, you want to spend less time in the weeds and more time positively impacting the world. SpeakerFlow helps you make this happen by putting the perfect tech stack in place for your business. Interested in booking a free demo? You can do that here.

2. A Link Back to the Original Article or Page

You must include a link back to the relevant page on the SpeakerFlow website in the following format:

This post was originally written and posted on {{ INSERT ORIGINAL LINK HERE }}

It’s imperative that the link you provide above is correct and is hyperlinked. If not, we’ll request that you to do so, or we’ll give you the option of a cease and desist or a fee of $500.

If You’re Not Electronically Republishing Our Content

If you’re publishing our content in a newspaper, magazine, broadcasting or another form on non-electronic media you must do the following:

  • First, email [email protected] with the details of the publication and the audience it serves.
  • Second, you must mail a physical copy of the media release or send a file (if you’re broadcasting or podcasting) to [email protected]. You can request an address for sending the media release by sending us an email.

Summary of Permissions

Permission to reprint articles by SpeakerFlow at no charge is granted with the agreement that:

  1. At the end of the article in which you’re republishing SpeakerFlow’s content, the above bio listed word-for-word.
  2. Prior to republication, you notify SpeakerFlow of the republication by reaching out to [email protected].
  3. After the closing bio, the republication article has the URL of SpeakerFlow’s original post or page in the following format: This post was originally written and posted on {{ INSERT ORIGINAL LINK HERE }}
  4. A fee per article will be expected for articles published without the closing bio and contact information ($500).

Permission is also granted for reasonable:

  1. Editing content and industry-specific example exchange
  2. Length
  3. Article title change

SpeakerFlow Payment Plans

We understand not everyone’s in a position to pay up front. That’s why we don’t require credit checks or use outside lending services – Just your word.
Split your payments over 3 months. 👍

Power Up ⚡️

The system without any live training, migration, or implementation


Total Over 3 Months:

Flow Zone 🎯

Done-for-you migration and implementation of our Flow Stack


Total Over 3 Months:

Flow Zone+ 🚀

Flow Zone plus migration of other complex systems


Total Over 3 Months:

We add a flat rate 10% fee to any financed tier and own the rights to your accounts and its data until the amount is paid in full.

If you’re interested in a payment plan, please email [email protected].