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Republishing SpeakerFlow Blogs

Permission to Reprint Articles by SpeakerFlow

Permission to reprint articles by SpeakerFlow is hereby given to all print, broadcast, and electronic media provided that the following information is provided at the end of each article:

1. A Bio of SpeakerFlow

SpeakerFlow is the first technology consultancy for professional speakers. They leverage cutting-edge technology with decades of sales, marketing, and operations expertise to create your optimal business experience. Look, they get it! As a speaker, you want to spend more time on stage and less time running and managing the business. Let SpeakerFlow help you save hundreds of hours per year and get the perfect technology stack in place that works for you rather than against you. Interested in booking a free strategy session with them? You can do that here.

2. A Link Back to the Original Article or Page

You must include a link back to the site in the following format:

This post was originally written and posted on Speakerflow.com: {{ INSERT ORIGINAL LINK HERE }}

It’s imperative to make sure the link you provide above is correct and is hyperlinked. If it’s not, we’ll request you to do so or request a cease and desist or pay a fee of $500.

If You’re Not Electronically Republishing Our Content

If you’re publishing our content in a newspaper, magazine, broadcasting or another form on non-electronic media you must do the following:

  • First, email [email protected] with the details of the publication and the audience it serves
  • Second, you must mail a physical copy of the media release or send a file (if you’re broadcasting or podcasting) to [email protected] You can request an address for sending the media release by sending us an email.

Summary of Permissions

Permission to reprint articles by SpeakerFlow at no charge is granted with the agreement that:

  1. The article in which you’re republishing has the bio above listed word-for-word at the end of the page in which you’re publishing.
  2. You notify SpeakerFlow of the republication by reaching out to [email protected]
  3. The article will have the original link of the post listed after the closing bio in the following format: This post was originally written and posted on Speakerflow.com: {{ INSERT ORIGINAL LINK HERE }}
  4. A fee per article will be expected for articles published without the closing bio and contact information ($500)

Permission is also granted for reasonable:

  1. Editing content and industry specific example exchange
  2. Length
  3. Article title change

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