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Chani Grammon

Social Media Manager

Hello! I’m the Social Media Manager lucky enough to be a part of the awesome SpeakerFlow team, which means I assist our marketing team with all social outreach.

I’ve moved all around the West but am currently settled in Salt Lake City because nothing beats these beautiful mountains! I also really love spending time with all of my friends and family here.


I have always been a HUGE animal lover so as a teenager I was ecstatic to get my very first job as a dog groomer (very glamorous I know). When I moved out of state after high school I still wanted to work with dogs so I got a job at a doggy daycare (so fun!), where I was promoted to supervisor and learned how much I love managing people.

That eventually led me to a sales job that offered an opportunity to build and manage a whole sales team. It was here that I got to work alongside our co-founders Austin and Taylorr and see these two totally kick-ass in sales, team building, training, inspiring, and so much more. When Austin opened his own office in Colorado, I took on the role as his administrative assistant and have loved working for him ever since.

The main reason I love working for SpeakerFlow is the people! This is by far the most hard-working, supportive, caring, and all-around best team I’ve ever worked with and I feel so lucky to have them as my community.

I couldn’t seem to completely leave the animal world, though, so I also work part-time at an Equine Therapy Center where we help troubled teens develop life skills with the help of our wonderful furry friends. As mentioned before, I absolutely love animals and have always wanted to help people too so this is really my dream job and I hope to open my own center one day. When I’m not helping the kids or taking care of the horses there, I love to ride and train the horses, especially my big lovable draft horse, Aires.

Outside of SpeakerFlow

When I’m not hard at work, you can usually find me enjoying nature, either camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains or gardening and playing with my three crazy dogs in my own backyard – my pride and joy. I’ve also always been quite sporty and enjoy playing softball, volleyball, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. 

I’m also lucky enough to be a mom to the most adorable little girl who makes my life better in every way!

Favorite Book

In the non-fiction category, I absolutely love the book 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson. My husband and I (somewhat) jokingly call Jordan Peterson our prophet, he has had a huge impact in my life and helped me more than any other public figure. I’ve listened to hours and hours of his interviews and lectures and his book has helped me become a much better person and really helped me prepare for parenthood. 

I LOVE reading novels so that’s a really tough decision. I’m a sucker for any Nicholas Sparks sappy romance novels, but I would probably have to say the Fifth Sacred Thing series by Starhawk. While reading one of those books I was so hooked that I read for an entire 10 hours straight one day, definitely a personal record.

Favorite Place to Travel

I LOVE traveling so this also a hard one. My family has a houseboat on Lake Powell that we visit every year and it’s so beautiful it always completely amazes me, it’s really one of kind. However my two all-time favorite trips have been to Spain, and a Caribbean cruise my husband and I went on for our destination wedding. Spain was absolutely amazing, eye-opening, and so different than anything else I have ever seen. I loved learning about all of the history there and seeing all of the outstanding cathedrals and castles. And the Caribbean cruise was insanely fun and relaxing, I definitely hope to take many more cruises in my lifetime!

Favorite Type of Music

As a true cowgirl, of course, I love country music. I’m also pretty into all kinds of rock and folk as my two favorite artists are Maynard James Keenan and Nahko Bear. 

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