What To Expect From SpeakerFlow At NSA Winter Conference 2020

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Cece Payne

Marketing Coordinator at SpeakerFlow - Follow us on social media to stay in the flow!

Cece Payne

Marketing Coordinator at SpeakerFlow - Follow us on social media to stay in the flow!
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Every year, the National Speakers Association hosts two main events for their members. The first of the two, the Winter Conference, is a wonderful opportunity for speakers of all experience levels to gather new insights into the speaking industry that they can put to use throughout the following months. These insights are not only useful in how they apply to the actual “speaking” part of “speaking business”. They’re also always tied back to the business processes that make speaking gigs possible. This year, we are especially excited for Winter Conference 2020 because of its business focus: sales in the speaking industry. In light of this, we’re bringing our entire team to Houston to share as much information as possible. 

In addition to our usual products and services, the SpeakerFlow booth at Winter Conference 2020 is going to be jam-packed with content. From our CRM to our consultancy, we’re outlining products designed for speakers with the help of speakers. That way, whether you’re a rookie or an experienced expert, you can efficiently find the product or service for your speaking business and start turning your current obstacles into this year’s opportunities. 

SpeakerFlow Events at Winter Conference 2020

One of the benefits to NSA events is the sheer amount of information provided. Even at their Winter Conference, the event’s team always manages to pack a ton of presentations into the three days of the conference. This year, we are incredibly excited for our own February 28th presentation with innovation expert Julie Holmes. As the inventor of HeyMic, Julie is considered one of the go-to speakers, when it comes to technology. She’s also hilarious and undeniably authentic, making her a joy to work with on and offstage. Because of this, we are pumped to share the ways we’ve worked with her and the resulting technology we’ve created. 

Now, those of you that have met us know that we’re all about processes as well as technology. Consequently, our presentation with Julie at Winter Conference 2020 breaks down a key product that brings these two things together: CRMs. Regardless of the CRM you choose, using one generally means the difference between predictable revenue and frantically trying to get booked each month. However, for many speakers, choosing a CRM that suits their speaking business is difficult when there aren’t a ton of options built with speakers in mind. Additionally, while a growing number of speakers have a CRM, they don’t know how to make the most of it. 

In our presentation, we aim to tackle both of these problems and outline “Beyond the Basics: How to Use Your CRM to Sell More, Serve Better, and Save Time”. As an attendee, you’ll learn how to sell more by being able to predict your revenue and manage your sales process. You’ll also learn how to easily and efficiently prioritize your tasks and prevent anything from falling through the cracks. Plus, in doing so, you’ll see a ton of time saved each day. Win, win! 

SpeakerFlow Products and Services at Winter Conference 2020

Additionally, at Winter Conference 2020, SpeakerFlow is bringing four products and services to the table, all of which tie right back into making the most of your technology and saving time. Like at Influence 2019, you’ll see our consultancy outlined as well as our team audits for speakers unsure where in their speaking business they can improve. However, you’ll also see some new products we’ve created in the last year, specifically for speakers. These include the SpeakerFlow CRM and – drumroll, please – our upcoming mansion retreats. 

Customer Relationship Manager

The first of these, SpeakerFlow CRM is the most impactful result of our work with Julie thus far. Designed for predictability and prioritization, it was built for speaking businesses of all sizes. What’s more, at $45 per user per month and built using Zoho One, it’s not only affordable. It also comes with more than 40 additional applications, so you can build your speaking business from a central location. These apps include systems for automated email campaigns, esignatures, cloud storage, even event management. In short, when you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, you can’t beat the SpeakerFlow CRM. At Winter Conference 2020, you can see it for yourself, too! Thanks to our support team members, Dlynn and Chani, we’ll have demos running day in and day out. That way, you can check it out without the pressure to purchase (because nobody likes a pushy salesperson). 👍

Audits & Consulting

As mentioned earlier, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our consulting. Since launching SpeakerFlow in May 2019, our team’s mission has been to “combine cutting-edge technology with sales, marketing, and operations expertise to create the optimal business experience for professional speakers”. If you’re thinking this sounds like an ambitious goal, you’re right! For most speakers, meshing sales, marketing, and operations processes with technology is a lot to handle. That’s what our team and our consultancy is for. 👌

With the help of our team of experts, the SpeakerFlow consultancy program is designed to help you and your team find where things are slipping through the cracks. It also allows us to take a look at your processes and say, “We know a tool that can do that!” In fact, as of 2019, the vast majority of speaking businesses had no automation at all. As a result, it’s become more and more difficult for speakers to manage all of the moving parts in their businesses. Thankfully, we are huge fans of automation and optimization, so, in our consultancy, we’re here to make sure you don’t fall into that category. 

That said, if you’re looking for a quicker and less expensive option, we also offer the SpeakerFlow Accelerator. Like the consultancy, the Accelerator allows you to see where your speaking business can be optimized. Additionally, on top of the original audit, we include a step-by-step game plan. Using it, even if you’re a one-man (or one-woman) show, you can confidently make changes in your speaking business, knowing you’re heading in the right direction. That way, no matter what your budget, you don’t have to navigate the speaking industry alone. 

Mansion Sales Retreats

Finally, our latest and greatest addition to the SpeakerFlow roster of products and services is our mansion retreats. Hosted in Orlando, Florida, our first retreat will launch in a few months, and, needless to say, we are very excited. In the span of three days, our founders, Taylorr and Austin, will conduct an interactive workshop designed to overhaul the sales processes of everyone in attendance. As sales experts, they’ve spent years crafting the best sales practices and products to ensure predictable revenue. Now, ten speakers can learn each of these themselves and get hands-on training for implementing them in their speaking businesses. 

Besides learning, however, we’re also believers in work/life balance. Because of this, the entire retreat takes place in a luxury mansion, complete with a pool, arcade, and service from a celebrity chef. After all, what good is working hard if it doesn’t also give you more time to kick back and relax, too? 😎

Exclusive Giveaways for Winter Conference 2020

All in all, we are incredibly excited for the knowledge that will doubtless come from Winter Conference 2020. However, our favorite part of NSA events is the connections, including you! If you haven’t met me or another member of the SpeakerFlow team yet, we’d love to meet you, whether you’re looking for one of the aforementioned products or just looking to connect. As salespeople ourselves, we’re all too aware of how pushy vendors can be. As a result, we’re all about support over sales. In other words, if you’re looking to work with us, that’s great! If not, we’re still always game for a conversation or two (and a beer). 🙂

We’re also giving away a free SpeakerFlow CRM at the end of Winter Conference 2020, as a thank you to speakers stopping by our booth! Normally sold for $1497, one SpeakerFlow visitor will get the highest SpeakerFlow CRM package including custom modules, four hours of onboarding time with our team, and access to our CRM community and knowledge base – all completely free. 

So, if you’re looking for the free CRM drawing or just checking out our offerings, keep an eye out for the hot pink booth at Winter Conference this year! There’s nothing we love more than new connections, and we’d love to see you there. 

In the meantime, for more information about SpeakerFlow, our services or products, or our work in the speaking industry, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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