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4 Courses In One

Submitting TEDx Applications

Event research can be a daunting task. Here, tackle it with confidence and learn how to find TEDx events through the TED organization or using the SpeakerFlow Intel Engine.

Callback Audition Coaching

After initial pitches come TEDx speaker callbacks. In this course, learn how you can make yourself the obvious choice, through both the audition and subsequent Q&A.

Writing Your TEDx Talk

There are many reasons TED and TEDx continue to grow in popularity. We’ll cover a few of these reasons along with ways you can make your TEDx talk one to remember.

Performing Your TEDx Talk

Last but not least is the big presentation! We’ll walk through tried-and-true speaking strategies to make your TEDx talk impactful on stage and on video for years to come.

What Others Have To Say 👇

Dr. Lynette Charity

Listen to hear more about how Dr. Charity booked her TEDx Talk at TEDxUIdaho, “Healing The Healers: Physician Mental Health.”

Khara Croswaite Brindle

Khara booked her first TEDx Talk, “The Burden of Busyness,” at TEDxCherryCreekWomen. Here, learn why she credits it to this course.

Barbara Connolly

Here, learn about Barbara’s TEDxHayesStreet talk, “How College Obsession Can Be A Force For Good” and how this course helped her book it.

Here's What's Included

This video is all about finding TEDx speaking opportunities, either through TED itself or on Google using SpeakerFlow’s Intel Engine.

This four-part lessons includes videos breaking down the TEDx application process including when and where to submit your application. It also explains how to craft an application that showcases your idea in a way that matches the theme of the event.

In these two videos, we break down TED’s request for speakers to have an “idea worth spreading.” We also explain how to narrow down your idea and position it in a way that makes audience members view it differently or take action.

In this lesson, we outline everything you need to know when planning your pitch to the TEDx event speaker selection committee. This includes how to introduce your “idea worth spreading” and make your pitch stand out from those of other applicants.

This video breaks down best practices for recording your pitch to TEDx event organizers including where to film, what to wear, and how to make your recording authentic but professional and polished.

In this lesson, get a “heads up” about the six most common mistakes TEDx applicants make, from the length of their pitch to the depth of details included in it, so you can avoid them during your own applications.

You have your “idea worth spreading,” but how do you build that into something more for your callback audition? In this lesson, learn how as well as how to craft a callback “reel” that’s personal but not promotional.

This lesson is all about the importance of calls to action. Here, we explain how to narrow down the three biggest takeaways from your “idea worth spreading” and include them in your callback audition in a way that catches audience members’ attention. 

In this video, we summarize when and where to record your callback audition as well as how to review your recording as objectively as possible (so you can course correct).

Besides the audition itself, every callback includes a 5-10 minute Q&A with the speaker selection committee. In this lesson, learn how to prepare for this session and, in doing so, stand out from other applicants.

Once you’ve been selected as a TEDx speaker, the next step is event preparation. In this two-part video lesson, learn the biggest differentiators between good and bad TEDx speakers, how to avoid common TEDx speech mistakes, and how to begin writing a killer Talk of your own.

Another well-known tool of a great TEDx speaker is visual aids. This video highlights the value of high-quality slides and how to use them to reinforce the main idea and takeaways of your TEDx Talk.

In this lesson, we cover how to make your speaking material “come to life” and spark a connection between you and the audience by building emotionality into your TEDx Talk.

No TEDx Talk is complete without data to support your arguments. In this video, we explain when to work supporting numbers and statistics into your presentation without overcomplicating it or muddling your main message.

The phrase “practice makes perfect” may be a bit of a cliche, but it’s true. In this lesson, we outline tricks to help you memorize your TEDx Talk along with ways to segue from one part of it to the next. We also touch on the importance of recording yourself so you can improve as you practice.

After practicing solo, the next stage is practicing for a small group. This video explains how and where to practice in front of a live audience and why in-person practice matters pre-TEDx Talk. 

Before your TEDx Talk is performed live, it’s vital that you get feedback. In this video, we discuss the importance of this step, who you should rely on to review your Talk, and why you should consider hiring a TEDx coach for final notes.

What good is booking a speaking gigs if you can’t turn it into something more in the long run? Here, learn how you can turn a TEDx talk into further opportunities, starting with the way you manage contacts in your customer relationshop management (CRM) system.

It’s no secret that, in any expert business, using a CTM is key, but how do you know which CRM is right for you? In this lesson, learn more about choosing a CRM and how it fits into your existng workflow for booking TEDx events.

This video is all about prospecting, specifically prospecting for TEDx events using SpeakerFlow’s Intel Engine. With this tool, you can find speaking opportunities in minutes instead of hours, TEDx ones included.

One of our biggest mantras here at SpeakerFlow is the importance of “S.Y.S.T.E.M.S.” (i.e. the people, processes, and technology that help you Save Some Time, Energy, Money, and Stress). In this lesson, learn how to use two SpeakerFlow tools – the Intel Engine and our CRM – to make TEDx application and event preparation as easy as possible.

Meet Your Coach

Frank King

Mental Health Speaker & TEDx Coach

Frank King is a suicide prevention/postvention public speaker and trainer. Over the course of his 30+ year career, he’s written for the Tonight Show, spoken around the world, and delivered five TEDx Talks.

As a speaker, Frank works alongside other mental health professionals to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness and inject humor into conversations about it. 

As a coach, Frank is passionate about training aspiring TEDx speakers – That’s why we partnered with him to offer this course!

But Wait... There's More!

We’ve created a community of other professional speakers using this course. You can use it to ask questions, share you setup, and network with other speakers working towards becoming a TEDx speaker!

Group Q&A

Get support, ask questions, and share with your teachers and other group members while you're working towards your first TEDx gig.

Trusted Knowledge

Frank King, a speaker and trainer with 30+ years experience, is your coach. Frank has helped 100s of aspiring TEDx speakers.

Anytime, Anywhere

Take the course and community anywhere you go. Our platform has a robust mobile application you can take anywhere.

What Your Colleagues Are Saying

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Dr. Lynette Charity
Dr. Lynette Charity
Speaker & Humorist
Read More
"I just came back from my first TEDx talk, and guess what? It was thanks to Frank King… He gave me the contacts, he showed me how to write my proposal, and I got a TEDx talk… Thank you, Frank King!"
Khara Croswaite Brindle, MA, LPC, ACS
Khara Croswaite Brindle, MA, LPC, ACS
Speaker & Counselor
Read More
“I have been accepted into my first TEDx talk and, thanks to Frank King, this is all possible… I highly recommend Frank – He’s approachable, he’s knowledgable, he’s done what feels like a dozen TEDx talks himself. He really knows what he’s talking about."
Barbara Connolly
Barbara Connolly
Speaker & Consultant
Read More
“Frank was instrumental in making my Talk exist, much less be successful… I can’t say enough about his attention to detail, and my recommendation of him is without reservation."

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