Pre-Launch Meeting Scheduled 🎉

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Thank you for scheduling your Pre-Launch Meeting! In this call, we’ll go through the entire account to ensure we didn’t miss anything. This is a necessary step to ensure a smooth migration from your other systems.

Please note, this is NOT when you’ll start using the account. This is for us to make sure we’ve built everything out properly. During this call, we’ll schedule your migration date and launch call. We’re almost to the Launch & Train Phase. 🙌 That’s when we help you polish up the account and customize it more deeply.

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1. Assess ✅

Before we begin our journey together, we'll have you take our Flow Zone Assessment. This will give us a ton of helpful information about you and your business, your current technology systems, and what you'd like to see moved to Zoho.

Timeline: 3-7 days

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2. Investigate ✅

Now it's time to do a thorough investigation of your existing systems to make sure we get the Develop phase right the first time. You may need to answer some questions and complete a few basic tasks, but we'll mostly handle this phase on our own.

Timeline: 1-2 weeks

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3. Develop ✅

We'll start building your account once we're both clear about the project details. This will include an initial round of set up, then migration from your current systems - all done for you.

Timeline: 2-4 weeks (depending on complexity)

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4. Implement

It's time to start using your system! You'll regularly meet with your Client Success Manager for 1:1 check-in sessions, have unlimited implementation access to help you remove friction and build better systems, and use SpeakerFlow University to learn the ins and outs of the tools.

Timeline: 60 days

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5. Graduate

Now that you're comfortable and confident using the essentials, you'll graduate from the Flow Zone process. From this point forward, you'll rely on SpeakerFlow University, our Support Center, and our Ongoing Implementation team to help you remove friction and continue improving your systems.

Start to Finish: 90-120 days

Questions or Concerns?

Need clarification about something? An update on our progress in your project? Or just want to check-in with our team? We’re here to help! 

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