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Thank you for purchasing Power Up! We’re excited to start this journey together. Below, you’ll find an outline of our implementation process. We want to make sure you know where you’re at in the process at all times.

Our team has been notified and we’re working on getting things started on our end. Your first mission is to start diving into our course content. You’ll see two links below to access the CRM mastery and Flow Stack mastery courses.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for us in your inbox. We’ll be reaching out to schedule a quick call to confirm next steps and go through any questions you might have.

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1. Assess [You Are Here]

Here, we ask you to dream big. We’ll find out what you want migrated, set up, and what your wishlist is to build the perfect system for you.

Timeline: 3-7 days

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2. Investigate ✅

Next, we'll take what we've learned and dig deep into your current tech. This helps us plan the migration so we don't miss any automations, forms, or customization your account needs.

Timeline: 5-10 days

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3. Develop & Migrate ✅

Then, we'll build your account custom to you. Once done, we'll decide on a migration date and move all your data over.

Timeline: 2-6 weeks (depending on complexity)

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4. Launch & Train

Now that you're in the system and using it everyday, you'll find things you want to change or improve. You might also want additional training to improve your workflow. We're here for all of it!

Timeline: 30 days

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5. Wrap Up

At about the 90 day mark, we'll have a wrap up call with all the resources and next steps you need to continuously be successful.

Start to Finish: 60-90 days

Questions or Concerns?

Need clarification about something? An update on our progress in your project? Or just want to check-in with our team? We’re here to help! 

SpeakerFlow Payment Plans

We understand not everyone’s in a position to pay up front. That’s why we don’t require credit checks or use outside lending services – Just your word.
Split your payments over 3 months. 👍

Power Up ⚡️

The system without any live training, migration, or implementation


Total Over 3 Months:

Flow Zone 🎯

White-glove migration and implementation of our Flow Stack


Total Over 3 Months:

Flow Zone+ 🚀

Flow Zone plus migration of other complex systems


Total Over 3 Months:

We add a flat rate 10% fee to any financed tier and own the rights to your accounts and its data until the amount is paid in full.

If you’re interested in a payment plan, please email [email protected].