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Thank you for purchasing Power Up! We’re excited to start this journey together. Below, you’ll find an outline of our implementation process. We want to make sure you know where you’re at in the process at all times.

Our team has been notified and we’re working on getting things started on our end. Your first mission is to start diving into our course content. You’ll see two links below to access the CRM mastery and Flow Stack mastery courses.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for us in your inbox. We’ll be reaching out to schedule a quick call to confirm next steps and go through any questions you might have.

Our 3-Step Power Up Process

As a Power Up customer, we have a simple 3-step process to make sure a perfect setup every time. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Initial Set Up [You Are Here]

Our team has been notified to start building out your custom Zoho account with all SpeakerFlow customizations. Soon, we’ll reach out to schedule a quick call to make sure we answer any lingering questions and ensure your expectations are met.

Timeline: 1-3 days

2. Develop

After we've gotten your email connected to the account (instructions will be sent after the Initial Set Up phase), we then build out the entire Flow Stack suite of tools. This includes 12 of Zoho's most impactful applications. We'll set up, customize, and integrate all apps so they work flawlessly.

Timeline: 3-7 days (depending on complexity)

5. Send Off

Once your account is built out, we'll send you instructions for logging in so you can start using it in your day-to-day. You'll take what you've learned in our courses and start using the system. You'll have access to our support email and courses if any questions pop up.

Start to Finish: 10-14 days

SpeakerFlow Superfans 🥳

Taylorr and the rest of the folks at SpeakerFlow have been unfailingly responsive and unfailingly helpful to me in my speaking business. They know both the industry and the tech tools — a rare combination. As icing on the cake, I find their thorough and insightful blog articles to be enormously helpful as well.
Bill Stainton Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Bill Stainton
Irvine Nugent Reviews SpeakerFlow Thumbnail
Irvine Nugent Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Irvine Nugent, Ph.D
Keynote Speaker
How do you succeed in business? YOU CARE. The folks at SpeakerFlow not only care about their customers, they care about what it takes for them to succeed. Personally, they have helped me overcome my angst with a CRM. They've provided me the tools I need, and took the time to hold my hand through the processes. SpeakerFlow rocks!​
Marc Haine Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Marc Haine
Keynote Speaker
Merit Kahn Reviews SpeakerFlow Thumbnail
Merit Kahn Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Merit Kahn
I originally signed up for Speakerflow's CRM and was stunned by how knowledgeable and helpful the Speakerflow team was. I subsequently joined Speakerflow University which has drastically impacted every element of my business. As a speaker, I am passionate about speaking and I am passionate about my area of expertise... I am not so passionate about the sales, marketing, and operations of my business - Thankfully the SFU team are. This team puts the same work and passion into helping me operate a profitable business as I put into helping my clients succeed! I highly recommend joining SpeakerFlow - the experience will transform your business!
David Shar Headshot - SpeakerFlow
David Shar
Keynote Speaker
Roger Wolkoff Reviews SpeakerFlow
Roger Wolkoff Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Roger Wolkoff
Keynote Speaker
Not only do we refer clients consistently because of the caliber and expertise of Speaker Flow, but this past year we asked them to consult with our team to build our systems, business operations, CRM, automations and more. They are exceptional. I cannot recommend Speaker Flow enough for any thought-leader or organization seeking to build the systems they need to scale their business.
Chris West Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Chris West
Founder of Video Narrative
Beverly Beuermann-King SpeakerFlow CRM Review Thumbnail
Beverly Beuermann-King Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Beverly Beuermann-King
Keynote Speaker, CAPS Board
SpeakerFlow is the CRM I’ve been looking for!! This tool has helped me to completely organize business development processes for my coaching and speaking business. The team is incredibly supportive and responsive, ramping me up in no time. If you are a professional speaker or coach, get this tool!
Shelli Hendricks Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Shelli Hendricks
Keynote Speaker

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