Case Study

Julie Holmes // website design & development

The Challenge

Hey Mic! needed a complete website overhaul and migration. After launching the company on Shopify, Julie started to realize some of the limitations the platform had. Wanting extra flexibility, Julie’s goal was to migrate all prior history along with the ecommerce functionality over to WordPress.

We were able to successfully deliver a brand new website that’s blazing fast, met all of her criteria, and deliver it in under 2 weeks! Watch Julie’s review to find out how!

The Solution

Migrating a website is no easy task – let alone when ecommerce functionality is involved. Not only did we have to migrate the store’s history, but we had to integrate accounting platforms, email lists, shopping carts, payment gateways, and affiliate functionality. Least to say, we had our hands full! But, ecommerce is our bread and butter so we were able to redesign, migrate, and develop a new site in under 2 weeks.

How This Helped Julie

I’m sure Julie will agree with us when we say she’s a tech nerd. Much like us, Julie has a certain affinity to technology, how it works, and how it can help grow her business. But there’s only so much time in the day and building a website was not going to happen with her hectic speaking schedule. We were able to save Julie over a hundred hours of her own time by redesigning and developing Hey Mic!. 

What We Learned

While building, we were able to create a streamlined migration process from Shopify to WordPress that doesn’t lower SEO rank, page authority, or domain authority. We were able to get the entire backend in place on WordPress that she had running the store on Shopify.

Everything Julie Had to Say

"I couldn't be more impressed!"

“I'm a tech nerd and I know what I'm doing but they know WAY more than I do. SpeakerFlow are experts - they're going to know exactly how to set up your website to have the right SEO, all the right performance tuning, and it's going to look and function perfectly on a mobile device, which is exactly what you need.”

"I'm super organized and these guys at SpeakerFlow put me to shame! They had an Asana project all laid out. I could see all the tasks they were doing and the tasks I needed to do. They built my website in under 2 weeks from scratch! Never once did I have to wonder where they were at in the process because I had access to the Asana project. AH-MAZING."

"I have never in my life worked with a development team that was so courteous, aware, and frankly, business savvy. They made sure they would deliver an end product that was going to be perfect for me an my brand."

"Listen, don't mess around. Yes, you can get a cheap website. But when you get a cheap website, you get cheap-looking results. Spend good money, get AMAZING results with spectacular people. That is why you should work with SpeakerFlow. "

Tools We Implemented

Wordpress Logo for SpeakerFlow Professional Speaking Technology Consultants
Yoast Logo for SpeakerFlow Professional Speaking Technology Consultants
Google Analytics Logo for SpeakerFlow Professional Speaking Technology Consultants
Google Analytics Logo for SpeakerFlow Professional Speaking Technology Consultants
Woocommerce Logo for SpeakerFlow
Woorank Logo for SpeakerFlow Professional Speaking Technology Consultants
Google Search Console Logo for SpeakerFlow
Keywords Everywhere Logo for SpeakerFlow Professional Speaking Technology Consultants
FB Pixel Logo for SpeakerFlow
Affiliatly Logo for SpeakerFlow
Multicurreny for Woocommerce for SpeakerFlow Logo

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