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Brooklynn Swoboda

Implementation Specialist

Hi! I’m happy you stopped by! I’m one of SpeakerFlow’s Implementation Specialists, which means I help with creating new client CRM accounts, data migration and imports, and managing some of our support channels. 

About Brooklynn

I was born in Nebraska but moved to Wisconsin in my childhood – a midwestern girl through and through. I grew up working for my grandparents, doing little jobs in the yard or organizing around the house for a little money here and there, until I was old enough to join the workforce. 

At that point, I worked several jobs and landed in the dental field, working as a dental assistant for about 5 years in almost every specialty of dentistry. My managers often came to me to optimize our office protocols and work on numerous side projects, all while assisting in dental procedures and training new assistants, which quickly made me the “go-to” person for any tech problem and first piqued my interest in tech support. I really loved the challenges, and that’s when I realized that my passion wasn’t necessarily in dentistry, but in problem-solving and helping people figure things out!

Shortly after, I found SpeakerFlow, and although it hasn’t been long, I feel right at home. I get to give all of my attention and energy to problem-solving and helping people, all while having the support of a truly wonderful team!

Outside of SpeakerFlow

When I’m not working, I spend most of my time with my family. I had my son, AJ, in April 2021 and have so many nieces and nephews. So, between being a mom and auntie, my hands are pretty full. Truthfully, though, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

On the rare occasion when I get some “me time,” I really enjoy refinishing furniture. Nothing beats taking an old piece and giving it new life with a little history. I also enjoy playing video games – my favorites being The Sims and Fallout 4 – but I love playing new games whenever I get the chance.

I’m also a licensed manicurist in the State of Wisconsin, so I’m almost always doing nails in my downtime and experimenting with new products and designs. I truly believe my outfit isn’t complete without a fresh set of nails! 💅

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Favorite Book

My favorite book is Flowers in the Attic by V.C Andrews, but I also love Stephen King novels. How one person can write so many fantastic pieces of literature is beyond me, but CarrieThe Green Mile, and Misery are all books I absolutely loved.

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Favorite Place

I’m truly such a homebody, but one place I visit almost every year is my home state of Nebraska, specifically Omaha.  If you ever find yourself there, you have to visit the Old Market and Ted and Wally’s Ice Cream Shop – Hands down the best ice cream I’ve ever had. 

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Favorite Music

My music taste is all over the place, but, if I had to pick a few favorite genres, they would probably be R&B, pop-punk, and alternative rock, although the classic rap and R&B genres have a spot very close to my heart (think Tupac, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Ashanti). 

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SpeakerFlow Payment Plans

We understand not everyone’s in a position to pay up front. That’s why we don’t require credit checks or use outside lending services – Just your word.
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The system without any live training, migration, or implementation


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Flow Zone 🎯

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Flow Zone plus migration of other complex systems


Total Over 3 Months:

We add a flat rate 10% fee to any financed tier and own the rights to your accounts and its data until the amount is paid in full.

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