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Taylorr Payne

Taylorr Payne

Co-Founder & Marketing Expert. Follow us on social media to stay in the flow!
Taylorr Payne

Taylorr Payne

Co-Founder & Marketing Expert. Follow us on social media to stay in the flow!
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If you’ve been following the SpeakerFlow blog for a while, you know the last six months have been insane. First, we partnered with the National Speakers Association (NSA) and appeared at their 2019 annual conference in Denver. Then, one by one, we partnered with some of today’s software giants, including HubSpot and Asana, to bring their value to professional speakers like you. After all, our goal is simple: ensure predictable revenue in your speaking business and provide the ideal technology to assist you. 

In light of that mission, there was one critical tech area we hadn’t delved into yet. We’d covered customer relationship and project management, proposal software – the list goes on. However, one of the most popular ways for speakers to attract new clients and followers is podcasting. Until now, we hadn’t found a podcasting platform that not only provided value but also aligned with our own company culture. Then, we met the guys and gals at Auxbus. 🙌 

A Brief History of Auxbus

A relatively new company, Auxbus was founded in 2018 by entrepreneur and self-proclaimed audio nerd Dan Radin. Having created more than 70 software products prior to Auxbus, Dan was well aware of podcasting pain points. For example, you might be asking “How can I create a podcast quickly? I don’t have a ton of time”. Other examples include concerns about adding music, editing your audio, or efficiently sharing the finished result. In the speaking industry, each of these concerns is especially true. That said, even with constant travel, ongoing sales, and business management, no speaker wants to miss out on podcasting, when it’s a growing interest worldwide. Thankfully, Auxbus is here to help you tackle each of those issues with confidence. To put it in their words, “We’re helping you sound clever, conversational, creative, and in control of your audio – clearly.”

Additionally, their company culture is amazing. In our own company, our ultimate goal is to find the “flow” state (hence, “SpeakerFlow”) where you are your most happy and productive. Likewise, the team at Auxbus is dedicated to provide value for their customers and their own team. It’s like Richard Branson said: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” With nine team members currently, Auxbus is a perfect example of how rock-solid company culture ultimately leads to a quality product and happy customers. Plus, they’re based in Asheville, North Carolina, like our CRO, Max Warren, so they have to be good people. Right? 😊

Top Five Features of Auxbus

Besides great company culture, Auxbus also has a ton of awesome features that you, as a speaker, can directly benefit from. We’ve already mentioned the efficiency and clarity provided by the platform, as a whole. Similarly, each Auxbus feature is designed to save you time and stress. That way, you can produce your podcast quickly and easily while still producing a professional result. Below are five of our favorites and how they can help take your speaking business’ content game to the next level.  

1. AI Audio Mastering

First and foremost is Auxbus’s in-app audio mastering feature. While you’re recording, the last thing you want to do is worry that you’re not coming through clearly or that your audience can’t hear you. We’ve all been there, when you have to start all over, and let’s be real for a second. It absolutely sucks. 

With Auxbus’s audio mastering feature, your audio is automatically adjusted and edited as you record. Additionally, when you move into editing afterwards, their artificial intelligence on the back end can assist. That means no more hours of wasted time trying to navigate sound editing software. No more stress that you’re not editing the audio correctly. Most importantly, it means that you can go from recording to editing to sharing your podcast all in a matter of hours. By using Auxbus, you can also handle it all yourself, saving the money you would spend paying someone else to edit your audio for you. 

2. Episode Outlines

Podcast Recording Graphic for SpeakerFlow Partners With Auxbus Blog - SpeakerFlow

Our second favorite feature, another time saver, is pre-generated episode outlines. These are killer if you are new to podcasts and not sure how to best structure them. They’re also helpful if you, like many speakers, are juggling a ton of projects at once. After all, planning for any content is unavoidable, but if there is a way to speed it up, that’s always a win. 

Let’s look at a quick example. Yesterday, you returned to Chicago, Illinois from a speaking gig in Los Angeles, California, and you are beat. Because of the gig, you haven’t reached out to other event planners, produced any new blogs, or recorded a podcast in a while. On top of that, there are 100 emails in your inbox and a pile of mail to go through. Thankfully, with Auxbus’s episode outlines, you can quickly knock out the podcast planning and jump right into recording. From there, with audio mastering, you can go from recording to editing. Ultimately, this means that you can produce your podcast and hammer out a quick blog to announce your new podcast episode in a single day. No one likes the seemingly endless game of “catch-up” after a gig, so why not get back on track as quickly as you can?

3. Auto-Add Intro and Outro

On top of audio mastering and outlines, Auxbus also makes it easy to add the finishing touches to your podcast. If you’ve run a podcast before or simply listened to one in the past, you know it’s generally recommended to have an intro and outro. These snippets of audio at the beginning and end of your podcast, respectively, allow you to introduce yourself. They also allow you to seamlessly promote your expertise and credibility (without seeming too pushy). 

Now, you might already have these saved on your computer. However, that means every time you record a new podcast, you have to add your intro and outro manually. While this sounds trivial, the time you spend doing this adds up. To remedy that, enter more Auxbus automation. Once you’ve wrapped up recording, Auxbus will automatically add your intro and outro files for you. Plain and simple. 

4. Free Music Library

Fourth of our five favorite features is an obvious one: the Auxbus free music library. When planning a podcast, the last thing you want to get stuck on is the background music. I mean, you’re message is the most important part! Knowing this, the Auxbus team has compiled loads of royalty-free music in a collection free for all Auxbus accounts. With this collection, you can easily find music suited to your podcast and add it in a few clicks. If you’re not confident in your tech skills, this feature is exceptional, too. Instead of having to learn a new system and a new way to reach your audience, you’re freed up to focus on speaking. As I said at the beginning, every speaking business deserves predictability, in revenue and their processes. This is just another way Auxbus can help make that happen. 

5. Auto-Sharing to Streaming Services 

Last of our favorite Auxbus  features is their auto-sharing functionality. Instead of having to jump from platform to platform as you share your podcast, Auxbus lets you share it to multiple platforms at once. This includes Apple Podcasts, Google, Stitcher, and Spotify, among other podcast listening apps. I might sound a bit like a broken record saying this, but, like the last four features, this is yet another way to save time. Less time podcasting means more time speaking and building your speaking business. What’s not to love about that?

Auxbus Pricing

Auxbus Process Graphic for SpeakerFlow Partners With Auxbus Blog - SpeakerFlow

So, how much does Auxbus cost? All one-man (or one-woman) speaker teams will be glad to hear that Auxbus starts completely free. With paid plans ranging from $35-40 per month, it’s also affordable, even when you need some extra bandwidth for podcasting. That said, the free plan itself is a steal. For $0 per month, you still have access to all of the features above, the ability to record unlimited podcasts, and the license to share up to three podcasts each month! Plus, they’re launching a new plan in 2020 that will allow for per-episode pricing. That way, you can test out the features of higher plans without having to commit. 

As a company, we are thrilled to be partnering with Auxbus and pumped to start our own podcast with it this coming year. Additionally, if you’d like to see Auxbus for yourself, Dan and his team have been kind enough to offer all SpeakerFlow referrals a special deal. For 30 days, you can try out their highest plan completely for free! Plus, you’ll have me and the rest of the SpeakerFlow team to help you strategize, so you can hit the ground running. 
Ready to get started? Just click the button below, and remember, we’re not lawyers. If you have questions or concerns before starting with Auxbus, just drop us a line! We’re more than happy to do what we can to help, totally free of charge. 😊

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