SpeakerFlow P4 Retreat Terms of Service

This service agreement (“Terms”) govern your (“Customer”) service for the SpeakerFlow P4 Retreat (“Service”) made available by SpeakerFlow LLC, having its registered office in Wyoming (“Company”).

The Terms are accepted by the Customer upon submitting order of the service.

1. The Service

1.1 The Service includes a 5-day stay at the location provided by SpeakerFlow LLC, meals provided by chef brought in by SpeakerFlow LLC, and training materials to supplement the three days of live content.

1.2 Travel and transportation to and from the location is not provided by SpeakerFlow LLC and is the sole responsibility of the Customer

1.3 Content delivered during the course of the service may be recorded and resused by the Customer, but is not to be shared or distributed in any way or place unless expressly given permission by the Company in writing.

2. Prices and payment

2.1 The Customer shall pay the fee in accordance with the price list set out on the Company’s website, unless a special agreement has been reached and is documented in writing by both parties.

2.2 In addition to the above, the Company is entitled to change its prices according to changes in currency rates and general price changes (inflation). Such price adjustments will not be notified to the Customer before taking effect. Prices will not affect previously made payments or deposits when applicable.

2.3 The Customer must pay invoices no later than the due date of the Company’s invoice.

2.4 If the Company’s invoice is not duly paid after fifteen (15) days, the Company is entitled to suspend the Customer’s ZOHO One account customization service. The suspended access does not release the Customer from its obligation to pay the invoice and other accruing fees thereafter.

2.5 The Customer accepts to receive invoices and reminders sent by email.

3. Refund Policy

3.1 SpeakerFlow LLC will not issue refunds at any time, nor for any reason once payment has been received and spot reserved for the retreat and the Company’s discretion

3.2 In the case of an act of God or other situations beyond the control of SpeakerFlow LLC that renders this service unable to be completed, SpeakerFlow LLC will select a new date and location to complete the service agreed to in these terms at the Company’s discretion.

4. Limitation of liability

4.1 The liability of either party is subject to the ordinary rules of Wyoming law, save for the exceptions and limitations as expressly set out in these Terms.

4.2 The Company will only be liable for the service of providing a location for the retreat, and meals during the stay of the Customer.

4.3 The Company will not be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive or other damages or losses including, without limitation, damages for loss of profits, business interruption, loss of data or the restoration thereof, service liability or personal injury arising out of the use of or inability to use the Service, including, but not limited to, business interruption, lost business or lost profits or savings. The aforesaid exclusions and limitations apply irrespective of whether such damages or losses are caused by acts or omissions by the Company attributable to the Company as negligent (including both gross and simple negligence) or incidental.

4.4 A party will not be liable for non-performance of its obligations (other than failure to pay any amounts due) in the event that a situation arises beyond its reasonable control including failure or breakdown of telecommunications networks and lines, regulations by government authorities, lock-outs, strikes, infrastructure breakdowns, natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics, acts of terrorism, fires, floods, storms, fire storms, sabotage, vandalism, damages caused by computer virus, hacking, war, civil wars, riots, nuclear disaster etc. which such party did not take into account prior to the execution of these Terms unless the other party (except if performance is de facto impossible) agrees to compensate the affected party for any additional costs incurred as a consequence of a situation beyond such party’s reasonable control.

5. Confidentiality

5.1 All confidential information received by either party from the other party must be held in complete confidence by the receiving party and its directors, employees, advisers or representatives, and must not without the prior written consent of the Company be used for any purpose other than in connection with the fulfillment of the service agreement.

5.2 Confidential information does not include information which (i) has already passed into the public domain other than through breach of this confidentiality obligation; (ii) has been received from an independent third party other than through breach of a confidentiality obligation; or (iii) the Customer can demonstrate has been independently developed by that party prior to disclosure.

5.3 All advertising, press releases, public announcements and public disclosures by a party relating to the service must be approved by both parties prior to release to any third party. This clause does not prevent a party from making such press releases, public announcements or public disclosures as may be required by law or otherwise are reasonably justified to protect a party’s legitimate interests.

6. Governing law and venue

6.1 The Customer’s agreement, including these Terms, is governed by United States law.

6.2 Any dispute between the Company and the Customer arising out of the service and the Terms will be subject to the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of Wyoming, at the Company’s then-current venue.

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