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You've Likely Asked...

  • How do I find conferences where I can speak and organizations that pay speakers?
  • How do I locate association or meeting planners and bureau agents interested in my topic?
  • How do I learn more about a prospect, so my sales calls are relevant to what they care about?
  • How do I customize my presentation, so it’s relevant to the entire audience?
  • How can I waste less time on Google and social media trying to find opportunities?
  • How can I instead spend my time doing what I love instead of looking for leads?

The Intel Engine Makes Prospecting Easy

The Intel Engine is not a fancy database. Rather, it’s a “search engine overlay,” meaning everything the Engine delivers you could find doing a traditional search – if you had minutes (or even hours) to conduct each search and if you knew fancy Boolean mathematical syntax. Instead the Intel Engine builds the algorithms in the background, meaning you just type in a word or two, and the system automatically finds exactly what you need in just seconds!

The Intel Engine can help you... 👇

The Intel Engine can help you... 👉

Find conferences that hire speakers in any industry and geography

Access association contact information for practically any organization in the world

Find meeting planners, bureau reps, and executives in any industry, anywhere

Access Call for Speakers and find out who needs you for an upcoming conference

Locate member directories and discover new decision makers

Find contact information on your prospects, including email address naming conventions

Research other speakers and learn where they got paid to speak

Locate reporters who might need your expertise for an upcoming story

Find bloggers, podcasters, and guest post opportunities to be exposed to new audiences

Get prospect/client news so you’re relevant in sales calls and presentations

Access company details, financials, employee reviews, court cases, and more

Find industry data, trends, research reports, others’ presentations, and more

Plus, Hours of Training With Our Mastery Course

4 Chapters • 34 Lessons • Constantly Updated
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You'll Be Saying Things Like This 👇

Taylorr and the rest of the folks at SpeakerFlow have been unfailingly responsive and unfailingly helpful to me in my speaking business. They know both the industry and the tech tools — a rare combination. As icing on the cake, I find their thorough and insightful blog articles to be enormously helpful as well.
Bill Stainton Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Bill Stainton
Working with the team at SpeakerFlow was seamless and painless. everything they promised they delivered on and then some. I highly recommend SpeakerFlow if you want to grow your business and better serve your clients.
Roger Rickard Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Roger Rickard
Keynote Speaker
The Intel Engine is a master-plan of a system. With just 20 minutes a day you can make a significant difference in your career. Love it!
Stephanie Angelo Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Stephanie Angelo
Keynote Speaker
Greg Offner Testimonial Thumbnail - SpeakerFlow
Greg Offner Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Gregory Offner
Keynote Speaker
Working with SpeakerFlow is a breath of fresh air for me. They understand today's speaking and consulting industries, as well as the various technologies needed to make our endeavors successful. The best part is that they're genuine people who authentically care about my success and well-being. Emails and calls are returned promptly and always with an enthusiastic attitude, ready and willing to help me solve whatever issue I may have.
Barry Moniak Review Headshot for SpeakerFlow
Barry Moniak
Keynote Speaker
Love what these guys offer. The Intel Engine has been a great tool for me and should be in the toolbox of every aspiring speaker.
Dave Davlin Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Dave Davlin
Keynote Speaker
Not only do we refer clients consistently because of the caliber and expertise of Speaker Flow, but this past year we asked them to consult with our team to build our systems, business operations, CRM, automations and more. They are exceptional. I cannot recommend Speaker Flow enough for any thought-leader or organization seeking to build the systems they need to scale their business.
Chris West Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Chris West
Founder of Video Narrative
SpeakerFlow has saved me endless hours and added many different tools to my search process. If you're considering other tools, you can stop looking. Just sign up for SpeakerFlow. It's the tool you're looking for.
Philip Williams Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Philip Williams
Keynote Speaker
I have worked with Taylorr for a year now and find him and the SpeakerFlow team to be excellent. Smart, focused, just pushy enough to keep things moving, and clear on outcomes. You will do well with any time you spend with them.
Doug Keeley Headshot - SpeakerFlow
Doug Keeley
Keynote Speaker

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Questions You Might Be Asking

Your subscription starts now and you have unlimited access to the Engine. Your subscription will automatically renew.

Nope! Once you’re a subscriber, you’ll receive unlimited access to everything in the Engine, including any new updates. On your renewal date, there may be a price increase however, so long as you don’t cancel, you’ll always renew at the price you originally paid with no additional charges.

Yes and no. The Advanced features offered with some search engines do allow you to find information without having to know complex Boolean search syntax. However, you would still need to know what information to enter to find specific results like company financials, attendee lists, employee directories, etc. With the Intel Engine, you will save hours trying to locate information — time that you can now spend making sales calls and providing value to existing clients/customers.

No, the Intel Engine is NOT a database. It is, however, a HUGE time saver. The Intel Engine makes finding business and sales information that is already online much easier. You could use a search engine like Google combined with other Websites to find the information that the Intel Engine delivers. However, you would need to know how to craft complex mathematical Boolean equations and/or know the correct Websites to even visit. You could spend minutes – or more likely hours – trying to find information on your own, or, you could use the Sales Intel Engine and find the right information in just seconds.

Just like any search engine, the Intel Engine will only deliver results if the information has been posted online by others. So, for example, if there is a member directory but the information is never posted online, then the Intel Engine will not be able to “magically” discover it (and the Intel Engine does not “hack” into private sites). It’s important to remember that in today’s high-tech world, there is a still a great deal of information that is not posted online. However, if it is online, the Intel Engine will help you find it and most important, it will help you find it in seconds.

With any online search, there is no guarantee that the information is accurate or current. However, the Intel Engine has built-in-logic that runs in the background and it attempts to filter out results from non-reputable sources. In addition, it’s important to remember that in sales, you don’t need the information to be perfectly accurate, e.g., the amount of revenue and number of employees at a company. Rather, in sales, you use information to ask better questions, e.g., “I know that you’re a privately held company, so the best I could find is that you’re doing about $50 million in revenue with 30 employees…is that accurate?”

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. You can also cancel at any time and your credit card will not be charged for a renewal.

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