How to Get Speaking Gigs: Introducing the SpeakerFlow Intel Engine

Taylorr Payne

Taylorr Payne

Co-Founder & Marketing Expert. Follow us on social media to stay in the flow!
Taylorr Payne

Taylorr Payne

Co-Founder & Marketing Expert. Follow us on social media to stay in the flow!
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For any professional speaker reading this, the problem I’m about to point out is probably one you’re all too familiar with. Maybe you’re just starting as a speaker and are simply looking for a place to begin. Maybe your speaking material is solid and you’ve hit a lull in referrals. Either way, you’re looking for speaking engagements and struggling to find a good source of leads. Well, we at SpeakerFlow are pleased to say we have a tried and true way solution: the SpeakerFlow Intel Engine.

A Brief History of the Intel Engine

It all started with Sam Richter, a speaker and salesman who decided to tackle this problem once and for all. Already the author of Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling, co-creator of High Profits Sales Coaching, and all-around sales guru, Sam decided it was time to pass on his knowledge of sales strategies to other salespeople. In his words, “It’s the ‘how you do it’ – using the Web resources you use every day but in ways you never thought possible”. 

This led to what has been called “the world’s top prospecting/sales meeting preparation resource,” the Sales Intel Search Engine. When Sam then partnered with karmaSpeaker in spring 2019, we were lucky enough to also connect with him and learn his process. As sales experts ourselves, we were not only given another layer of insight into sales. We also were given the unique opportunity to learn about selling as a speaker. 

Right off the bat, we clicked and the SpeakerFlow Intel Engine, designed specifically for selling as a speaker, was created. He’s also based out of Minnesota, like me, so we had that reason to like him, too. 🙂 

Top Features of the SpeakerFlow Intel Engine

But before I get too carried away with how great it’s been working with Sam and how excited we are, here at SpeakerFlow, let’s take a look at the software itself. If a video is more your style, below is a quick demo of the Intel Engine and how you can use it as a professional speaker: 

If you’re more of a reader than a watcher, I’ll also break it down in text here, so you have an intro to the software. To start with, there are five features of the SpeakerFlow Intel Engine that make it exceptional: 

1. It’s the only prospecting tool made specifically for speakers. 

There are a ton of databases out there that claim to have quality leads for you and your business. You may have heard of some of them before, such as SalesGenie or Hoovers, that claim to work well for small businesses. While this is true – their leads are definitely right on point for many salespeople – they don’t necessarily work well for professional speakers. This is due to a number of factors, including how often those databases are updated and what industries they pull from. 

In contrast, because it functions as an overlay for Google, the SpeakerFlow Intel Engine is updated constantly. As new information is added to the web, the SpeakerFlow Intel Engine detects it, just like a normal Google search would. This allows you, as a speaker, to look specifically for speaking opportunities. Ultimately, this helps you skip the all-too-common phase of trying to find the decision-maker and puts their contact information right at your fingertips. 

2. It saves hundreds of hours, compared to other sources for leads. 

Besides saving you the stress of trying to find the right contact person, the SpeakerFlow Intel Engine also saves you time. Without it, the average Google search that results in qualified information takes about fifteen minutes. That might not seem like much, especially if it produces a decision-maker’s contact information, but those minutes compound into hours. It also takes away from the time you could be spending on other aspects of your business, such as prepping speech material or nurturing your past clients so they book you again. 

That’s where the SpeakerFlow Intel Engine comes in. Let’s say you wanted to search for CEOs in the pharmaceutical industry in New York, for example. With the Intel Engine, it’s as simple as typing those specifications into the “title,” “industry,” and “city” boxes, respectively, and you’re all set. The list of results produced might not be perfect, but it’ll be way more qualified than your standard search – guaranteed. By simplifying the process of deep Google searches, the Intel Engine allows you to search with specificity. 

3. It gives you access to 100% of Google search results. 

Partnership Graphic for How to Get Speaking Gigs Introducing the SpeakerFlow Intel Engine Blog - SpeakerFlow

In addition to giving you really specific results, the SpeakerFlow Intel Engine also gives you access to all of the results out there. In a normal Google search, you’ll get about 4.8% of the total results that fit your search criteria. This is because of the back-end algorithms that govern how the results populate when you use Google. Normally, they make your searches more accurate. However, depending on what you’re looking for, they can act as a hindrance instead. 

The SpeakerFlow Intel Engine makes use of complex Google searches, or “Boolean functions,” to pull up those hidden results. Some of these functions are simple, such as adding “filetype:PDF” to the front of a search query to pull only results in a PDF format. However, applying many of these functions at once can turn into a headache. The Intel Engine allows you to simply type in the information you’re looking for and click “Enter”. After that, it takes care of the complex search entry for you. 

4. You can use it for researching your competitors. 

Besides finding speaking gigs, you can also use the SpeakerFlow Intel Engine to do competitive research within your niche. Is there another speaker who keeps beating you to the punch, when it comes to booking gigs? Are you trying to emulate another speaker in your niche? Enter their name into the Intel Engine and you have a wealth of information available to you. You can information about their speaking business, where they’ve spoken recently, or who they’ve partnered with in the past. Each of these pieces of information gives you another potential client in one click. After all, if a given company hired another speaker in your niche, they’re already primed to hire you! 

5. You can use it to find marketing opportunities. 

Finally, the SpeakerFlow Intel Engine can also be used for marketing in addition to sales. The complex functions I mentioned earlier are great for finding speaking gigs, but they’re also great for finding other companies in your niche. Even though they may not be speaking companies (i.e. your competitors) they’re already interested in what you have to say. As a result, they’re also qualified leads for podcast appearances, paid advertising, or other marketing opportunities for you. 

Ultimately, there are countless ways to use the SpeakerFlow Intel Engine to your advantage as a professional speaker. Whether it comes to finding more speaking gigs or setting yourself apart from the crowd, the Intel Engine can give you a leg up for very little cost. 

SpeakerFlow Intel Engine Pricing

That brings us to the question you’ve probably thought already: “How much does this cost?” 

The answer is a short and sweet $39 per month. Additionally, the subscription is completely risk-free, so you don’t have to worry that it was a bad investment. If you don’t like the Intel Engine through the first 30 days of your subscription, we’ll refund you entirely. You can also end your subscription at any time, so there’s no pesky contract to tie you down. 

In the end, we at SpeakerFlow are all about efficiency and optimization for professional speakers. Because of this, we don’t believe in promoting tools or systems that don’t work or make promises they can’t keep. So, to learn more about the SpeakerFlow Intel Engine or to sign up today, visit our page, “The Only Tool You Need to Find High-Paying Speaking Gigs”. I promise it’s worth every penny and every minute you’ll save from here on out. 👍

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