Frequently Asked Questions

What Is SpeakerFlow?

We’re the first technology consultancy specifically designed for professional speakers. We combine cutting-edge technology with sales, marketing, and operations expertise to create your optimal business experience.

Common Questions

Do You Find And Chase Gigs For Me?

We do not generate revenue for speakers directly. Although, as part of our sales pillar, we discuss methodology to hiring an inside sales rep and technology to manage the process, as well as help develop a strategy for selling your services.

Do You Offer A Retainer?

Yes, we understand ongoing support is needed especially as new tools come out and evolve. We offer access to a community with access to the SpeakerFlow team for ongoing support via Slack for a monthly/yearly fee and we also offer customized retainer packages for ongoing 1:1 support.

How Long Is The Consultancy?

Generally, the consultancy lasts 12 weeks, though we can be flexible with speaker’s busy schedules.

Does This Include CRM?

Yes, CRM is one of 30+ modules that we cover and it’s one we focus heavily on.

Are You Partial To Any One Service or Software

We are partial to services and softwares specifically built for speakers. Otherwise, no we’re not. We believe providing TRUE value to our clients starts with being completely agnostic to all tools so we can be adaptive for each of our clients and create a true 1:1 process.

Will This Be Based On My Current Processes, Or Will You Advise A Brand New Approach?

We’ll be looking at what your current processes are and helping to spot weaknesses and gaps as we move through the consultancy. Our method is 100% tailored to your process and we’ll only implement a brand new approach if you don’t have an approach yet, or if your goal is to completely dismantle your existing process.

Odds and Ends

We always have special offers for NSA members. Reach out to us to see what you can take advantage of. 

Absolutely. We know how busy speaking can be. We designed the consultancy to be completely modular so if you need a week to travel, speak, etc., we can pick up where we left off when you get back.

The SpeakerFlow process can apply to any business in any industry. We realize speakers are often running multiple businesses and streams of revenue. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to stay on top of these efforts regardless of your service offerings.

Aside from our weekly strategy calls, you can access us 24/5 with a guaranteed 24 hour response time through our SpeakerFlow Slack channel. You’ll also be given access to our project management system so we can remain updated on each other’s progress. We understand the value of being there through the process and we’re dedicated to being your technology support team.

Absolutely! In fact, we highly encourage your team to be there. The more we have each contributing member to your business on the same page, the better. As they say, the more the merrier!

During each consulting session, you’ll get access to all three of us. You will also have access to any others we bring on board to help through the consultancy, as well as access to our online community of other speakers via Slack.

Payment is required before we start the consultancy.

We accept nearly all credit cards, ACH transfers, PayPal, Crypto, and Checks. Additional processing fees may apply.

Sure do! We pay out 10% for any referral that converts into a sale. Reach out to us at [email protected] if you’re interested in joining our program.

We operate out of Eastern time but our team makes up Mountain, Central, and Eastern and can accommodate as needed.

We have strategic partnerships with sales and marketing experts that can help you execute the strategy we build out together.

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