SpeakerFlow Pricing

Getting Started
Ongoing Implementation

Power Up ⚡️

This is for the do-it-yourselfers who simply want our system without the live training or 90-Day implementation process.

$3,000 One Time

( +$45/month/user for Zoho One )

Flow Zone 🎯

Want the white-glove migration and implementation service? This is the tier for you. Time is money. Skip the learning curve.

$5,000 One Time

( +$45/month/user for Zoho One )

Flow Zone+ 🚀

Coming from an already sophisticated set of systems? If any of the below are needed, this is the tier for you.

$7,500 One Time

( +$45/month/user for Zoho One )

What's the Flow Stack?

Flow Stack is a set of the most impactful applications Zoho has to offer, all integrated back to the custom CRM.


A custom CRM built specifically for thought leadership businesses


Create, send, and track effective email campaigns


Sign documents digitally and request signatures


Make informed decisions using customer feedback


Engage website visitors and turn them into customers


Plan, track, and collaborate on projects to get things done


Store, organize, and manage your team files securely


Post to, interact with, and monitor your social networks


Automate scheduling and say goodbye to no-shows


Handle your accounting and track your company health


Visually build automated integrations between apps


Manage your passwords and autofill across apps/websites

Our 5-Step Flow Zone Process

If you’re a Flow Zone or Accelerator customer, we’ll walk you through our proven 5-step process to ensure a perfect migration into our suite. Here’s what you can expect:


Here, we ask you to dream big. We'll find out what you want migrated, set up, and what your wishlist is to build the perfect system for you.

Timeline: 3-7 days


Next, we'll take what we've learned and dig deep into your current tech. This helps us plan the migration so we don't miss any automations, forms, or customization your account needs.

Timeline: 5-10 days

Develop & Migrate

Then, we'll build your account custom to you. Once done, we'll decide on a migration date and move all your data over.

Timeline: 2-6 weeks (depending on complexity)

Launch & Train

Now that you're in the system and using it everyday, you'll find things you want to change or improve. You might also want additional training to improve your workflow. We're here for all of it!

Timeline: 30 days

Send Off

At about the 90 day mark, we'll have a send off call with all the resources and next steps you need to continuously be successful.

Start to Finish: 60-90 days

This Is A Risk-Free Purchase.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

There’s no doubt this is an investment into yourself and your business. Knowing that, we want to make sure you know we have your back. Our goal is always to provide value first and if we don’t, that’s on us. That’s why we have our guarantee. If you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, we’ll give you your money back.

To qualify for a refund with Power Up or Flow Zone, you’ll have had to:

  1. Completed both of our mastery courses
  2. Reached out to our support team a minimum of 3 times to solve problems. The first issue isn’t a refund.
  3. Been actively using the system in your business. If you buy and put it on a shelf, there’s no refund.

To qualify for a refund with our Accelerator, at the end of our first 90 days together, you’ll have had to put in an honest effort. What does that mean?

If you’ve been hard to reach, it’s not available. If you’re not checking in regularly, it’s not available. If you don’t pay month 2 and month 3 payments, it’s not available. Also, honest effort means:

  1. You communicate to us when you’re having problems, meaning the first sign of trouble wasn’t the refund request. Minimum support tickets means no refund.
  2. You complete at least 50% of your assigned tasks in the first 90 days.
  3. You must request a 1:1 if you aren’t on track and not on pace and communicate with us.

Schedule A Strategy Session

Interested In Having One Place To Run Your Entire Business?

Schedule a 60-minute strategy session with us. In our call, we’ll talk about where there’s friction or opportunity in your business, demo our operating system, and talk about how we work with our clients.

Note: We’re not an agency, bureau, or specialize in helping you get on stages or sell other offerings. Our operating system is a suite of over 45 different apps that we help you implement to run your business in one place. If you’re not interested in systems, that’s okay – we’re probably just not a fit yet.

Questions You Might Be Asking

Definitely. You’ll be able to keep track of literally every revenue stream your business has to offer – guaranteed.

Not only that, but most of our clients aren’t “just speakers”. We work with anyone who wants to leverage the stage. Either as a primary revenue stream or as a marketing vehicle.

Possibly! If you’re someone who acknowledges the need for systems to help you stay organized and grow more quickly, you could be a great fit for either Power Up or Flow Zone.

Our coaching program is generally best suited to folks who already have a business and brand established. This means you have a website, you know who you serve (for the most part), and you have something to sell. If you’re not there yet, reach out to us and we have a few places we can point you to!

The thing to know about SpeakerFlow is that we don’t help launch brands, develop keynotes, or figure out what you sell. For us to be most valuable in a coaching relationship, you need to have laid that groundwork first.

No, it’s not. Rather than surcharging on Zoho’s price (which we could do as partners), we’re passing those savings on to you. In fact, we have you go straight through Zoho for your monthly payment. We only make money on the one-time fee – aside from a small commission on your monthly payment to Zoho.

You can go to zoho.com/one and sign up for a free trial if you’d like, but it won’t have any of our customizations applied to it. You can only experience those customizations by reading through our site or scheduling a strategy session with us.

We can’t offer free access to our customizations within Zoho One since there are so many hours of manual work our team has to do to apply those customizations.

Fear not, though! You can still get a feel for Zoho and all they have to offer through their free 30-day trial.

You sure can – but you won’t have access to our customizations, the community, the course, or any of the training around using the Zoho One ecosystem.

You also won’t have access to us for support. You’d have to go through Zoho instead. This is a big deal because we have context for your business model being in the thought-leadership space. Zoho doesn’t.

That context is valuable for solving super specific problems and for customizing your account.

Zoho One is the most extensive and feature-rich platform we’ve ever discovered. By building on Zoho One, we’re able to pass savings on to our users rather than creating a ground-up solution. On top of that, Zoho One comes with 45+ other apps free of charge with your subscription. It’s simply the best “bang for the buck” and we’re all about providing value.

Plus, we needed a platform where we could build custom solutions for this industry. Zoho’s unmatched in its ability to be developed into.

Also, finding help is SO easy outside of SpeakerFlow. If you head to Fiverr or Upwork there are tens of thousands of people ready and able to help you with Zoho.

Great question! After you purchase, we’ll get to work creating the Zoho account and applying all of our customizations. We’ll then move on to developing the account and integrating all the Flow Stack apps listed above. Then, we’ll hand the account off to you to take it and run with it. There’s no live training but you’ll have access to our support email and mastery courses. From start to finish, it’s 10-14 days for you to be using the account.

We never want you to be unhappy. But if you’re unhappy with our process and you’ve completed our conditions listed in our guarantee above, we’ll give you a full refund.

You can cancel your subscription with Zoho at any point as well.

If you’re migrating from one platform to ours, yes, but we’re not creating anything new unless you’re in our coaching program.

Even then, we won’t write your copy, create your graphics, or do anything else creative. We’re not a marketing agency, so we solely provide guidance for you to accomplish these creative tasks.

As long as they fall under one of our Flow Stack apps listed above, absolutely!

Definitely! Zoho has an inbuilt competitor to Zapier called Flow and an open API. There are many ways to get your tech to talk to Zoho.

If you’re in our coaching program, yes. If you’re not, no.

This is only for folks who are in our coaching program.

One of the biggest issues with business coaching is you’re often left with amazing ideas and some general idea of how to take action on what was discussed. Then, by yourself, you have to figure out how to translate this to your systems, which – let’s be honest – means it never gets done.

But, in our coaching program, we help you avoid this. For example, if we were helping you with a lead capture and email marketing process, once you’ve walked through our exercise for this, we’ll build all the automations and set up all the tech for you.

You won’t have to monkey with the tech and deal with the frustration of setting everything up. We’ll implement all the tech – you just need to manage the process.

So, anytime you need tech implementation, consider it done!

If you purchase Power Up or Flow Zone, you’ll always have access to our support email address for questions and clarity. We always want to be a resource.

However, there’s no live training or support for Power Up customers, and for Flow Zone customers, live training ends after our Send-Off call. This means you have access to live training for 60-90 days.

If you’re a coaching customer, you’ll have a dedicated coach you’ll communicate with, and we’ll do live training as often as needed.

We sure do! It’s an awesome integration, too. Here’s a link to learn more: https://speakerflow.com/espeakers-integration/

Great question! Check out all the details about our coaching program here: https://speakerflow.com/coaching/

Before being able to purchase, we ask that you schedule a Strategy Session with us.

It’s important that we have a good time together and we fully understand what outcomes you’re looking for so we can be powerful together.

You can schedule a call here: https://speakerflow.com/strategy-session/

Great question! It boils down to one simple idea: At SpeakerFlow, we define systems as the tech, the process, and the people. Those three elements combined will help you remove yourself from the weeds and help you live in your zone of genius (aka Flow).

When you buy only our system, you’re getting the tech part of the equation. You’ll then have to design your own process and bring on your own people to help you scale.

When someone signs up for the coaching program, they get the tech, the process, and the people to help them hit their goals.

The benefit of the coaching program is we’ll help you strategically plan out your business, and based on that plan, help you design the processes you need to hit your goals. Then, we’ll do all the work to translate that into your technology and iterate with you on the process along the way.

We’re bridging the gap between business strategy and business systems.

Plus, we’re lots of fun. 🎉

Wow, where to start?

At this point, we have over 3000 hours of research and development into Zoho for this industry. We’ve perfected all the fields our clients need to keep track of relationships, the analytics, and the way all the Zoho apps need to be set up to work flawlessly with one another.

The long and short of it is when you sign up for Zoho One out of the box, it’s a completely blank slate. You have to customize the living daylights out of it to be tailored to your business.

We’ve done that for you and help you iterate on it.

For Power Up, since we’re only building the account out, not running migrations, and not doing live training, 10-14 days.

For Flow Zone, since this is our white-glove migration and delivery, you’ll be fully up to speed in 60-90 days, though you’ll be using the account well before then.

For Accelerator customers, it’s a similar timeline to Flow Zone, though we continue iterating on the platform for the life of your coaching relationship with us. We still have our original clients from 3 years ago in our coaching program.